EXCLUSIVE: Faultfixers Announces Partnership with Bindr

We talk with George Martin, co-founder of Bindr to learn more about the enquiry management software, his career and Faultfixers partnership with Bindr.
EXCLUSIVE: Faultfixers Announces Partnership with Bindr
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023


Faultfixers is delighted to announce our partnership with Bindr.  We sat down with co- founder of Bindr, George Martin, where he talks about the company, his six years in the care industry and excitingly, what you can expect from Faultfixers collaboration with Bindr!      


Pictured above: George Martin, co-founder of Bindr   

What is Bindr?    

Bindr in a nutshell is a care specific CRM tool. Simplifying and improving enquiry management and resident onboarding. 

Who is Bindr for and what problem does Bindr solve?

Bindr is solution designed from my own personal experience of working in the care sector. I feel the industry is at times dated & desperately under served by technology. Bindr serves a purpose for any care service dealing with multiple enquiry lines. It solves any tedious and time-consuming manual processes. As well as providing great commercial visibility for better decision making. 

Why is enquiry management crucial to the success of a care home?

Enquiry management is incredible crucial. Not only is this is the first point of contact for a potential customer but managing the enquiry professionally and efficiently will improve chances of conversion. In turn, improving occupancy, saving time and increasing revenue. 

What is your background?

I started my journey in the industry as an executive assistant to a successful care provider. I found that having no previous care experience meant I offered a fresh set of eyes into the organisation. 

What inspired you to to create Bindr?

I developed the idea of Bindr about 4 years ago now. The pandemic really slowed down its progress. But honestly, I just wanted to make a positive impact on the organisation I was working for and saw huge potential for the introduction of technology- technology that did not currently exist. 

How do you think tech innovation can help to improve social care?

Tech innovation is fundamentally the future of care. With so many incredible products available that are resident focused, we have forgotten about back office. For me this is where the value of the time saved can really impact a business. Allowing for better budgeting, improved staffing levels and maybe one day better pay for carers.

Faultfixers is extremely excited to partner with Bindr. Why is Bindr and Faultfixers a perfect partnership?

Ultimately, we share the same goals. To impact, to improve and encourage positive change.  

What can people expect from Faultfixers and Bindr’s collaboration?

I hope people can expect innovation and really impressive solutions. By learning together and adapting to the ever-changing challenges of the care sector, we can continue to create products that give back. 

What is on the horizon for Bindr?

Right now, we are currently focused on encouraging new users. The product is there and already having huge impacts with its current users.

We are also about to launch a big marketing campaign. If you haven’t heard of Bindr yet, you will have soon! 


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