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FaultFixers: Maintenance Software, Made Easy


Benefits Of Digitising Maintenance Management

We take a look at how companies manage their assets, equipment, and facilities plays a crucial role in operations by digitising maintenance...


How to create a preventive maintenance plan

Creating an effective preventive maintenance plan is the key to successful upkeep and in this article, we run through the process of creating a plan.


Planned Preventative Maintenance Example

Planned preventative maintenance is scheduling recurring tasks for the general upkeep of properties but what is a planned preventative maintenance...


What is maintenance software for hotels?

What is maintenance software for hotels and why is it important? In this article, we break down how maintenance software works and some of its...


Top trends in facilities management

This week the FaultFixers team take a look at some of the top trends in facilities management and how they can support your maintenance teams.


The system isn't showing me all of my data?

If the system is not showing you all of your data don't despair as it's normally a quick and easy fix. First you will need to check the following...


How do I add or remove a user?

Managing users in FaultFixers can be done in the 'Team' section of your FaultFixers system, here we show you how...


Do you have this feature?

If you're searching for a specific feature but think we might not have it don't fret because we're most likely building it behind the scenes!

Simplify your maintenance, today.