FaultFixers is built to include features that are easy to use, useful and at the same time, powerful. Have a scroll through our main feature list below and click into each one to find out more information.

Reactive Tickets

A re-active ticket management system for maintenance tasks. Log and record maintenance tickets quickly with the app and view them all in the teams desktop appliction.
Reactive Tickets

Checklists & Forms

Digital maintenance forms checklists made easy with our simple maintenance management software. Complete tasks with ease and efficiency.
Checklists & Forms

Time & Cost Tracking

Track and record your maintenance team's time using the time and cost tracking feature. Allow them to check-in, out and record expenses within the system.
Time & Cost Tracking

Location Hierarchy

Setup locations and buildings within the teams application. This allows you to tag locations with QR codes and monitor everything going on across your estate.
Location Hierarchy


The FaultFixers system can send you push and email notifications when an issue has been updated etc. This ensures you have full visibility.

KPI Dashboards

Quickly get an overview of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your maintenance team. From faults logged through to overdue tasks per building.
KPI Dashboard

Team Scheduler

Use the team scheduling feature to fill out your team's calendar and assign jobs to them throughout the day, week and month.
Team Scheduling

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your companies assets by utilising the asset tracking and management features within FaultFixers.
Asset Tracking

PPM Tasks

Create and manage planned preventative maintenance tasks using our PPM task feature.
PPM Tasks

Building Alerts

Send building wide alerts when a major indecent occurs and ensure everybody is kept in the loop.
Building Alerts

Report Mobile App

The FaultFixers mobile reporter app is a quick and easy way for anyone to report a fault from within a building.
Mobile App

QR Code Scanner

Create, deploy and utilise QR tags/codes with ease. Simply scan the code at the location or on the asset to report a fault. Log the issue with a photo and notes attached.
QR Codes

Auto Ticket Assignment

Automatically assign your maintenance tickets based on the category or type of ticket and/or the location the ticket was raised at.
Auto Assignment

Audit Trail

Retain a digital audit trail of all of your maintenance operations with the FaultFixers System.
Audit Trail

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