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Make your life easier with an easy-to-use preventive maintenance system that keeps a record of all of your PPM tasks and reminds you when they need to be actioned.
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Reduce your costs with effective preventive maintenance strategy

Preventive maintenance can help you reduce costs by identifying potential issues and addressing them before they become major and costly problems. By regularly maintaining your assets and facilities, you can prolong their lifespan and avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

Increased Equipment Lifespan

Preventive maintenance software helps extend the lifespan of your equipment by identifying issues before they become major problems, reducing downtime and minimising repair costs.

Improve Your Productivity

By implementing a preventive maintenance system, you can ensure that your equipment is operating at optimal levels, reducing the risk of equipment breakdowns, and minimising unplanned downtime.

Cost Savings

By proactively identifying issues and scheduling maintenance, you can minimise the need for emergency repairs and reduce overall maintenance costs. Additionally, preventive maintenance software helps identify trends and areas for improvement.

🧐 Stay compliant with preventive maintenance

FaultFixers, a simple maintenance management system, is a powerful tool that helps our customers stay compliant. Through automation and centralisation of maintenance processes, our system excels in ensuring consistent performance of regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and compliance-related tasks in accordance with regulations.

By enabling scheduled maintenance activities, tracking maintenance history, and accurately documenting compliance records such as maintenance logs, certifications, and service reports, our software streamlines the compliance process. Furthermore, it provides timely notifications and alerts for upcoming compliance-related actions, minimizing the chances of missed deadlines or oversights. With FaultFixers, staying compliant becomes a seamless and efficient part of your maintenance operations.

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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go”

Steve Brine
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Auto-assignment rules

Automatically assign maintenance jobs

Optimise your maintenance efforts through the use of auto-assignment rules. Automatically assign maintenance tickets based on specific conditions, such as the ticket's location and category.
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Keep on top of your repetitive maintenance tasks

Our planned preventive maintenance software is a simple but powerful tool that can bring numerous benefits when utilised. Here are four of the most significant benefits our customers see from using our PPM software.

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Confidently schedule & track ppm tasks

Spot minor faults before they become major, budget-busting concerns.You may avoid a pricey seized engine with a little preventive maintenance.

Stay on top of re-active maintenance tickets

React more quickly to maintenance tasks with easy reporting. Allow your staff to report faults quickly with location QR codes & a mobile phone.

Keep track of your assets and reduce maintenance costs

Measure what matters with Untitled’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Real-time maintenance KPI dashboard

Get a real-time 360 view of all of your maintenance tickets and tasks along with priority, status and where things are overdue.
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Mobile-first Maintenance

Our mobile maintenance app simplifies preventive maintenance by allowing your team to report issues on the go. With our reporter application and teams app, you can easily keep track of all maintenance tasks in one place, ensuring timely completion and reducing potential downtime.

QR Code Scanning

Install QR tags around your property to ensure fast and precise reporting of faults. Simply scan the code to record the report.

Raise tickets on the go

With our mobile app, your team can quickly report maintenance issues on-the-go, allowing for timely re-active maintenance tasks.
Reactive & Preventive Maintenance Management

Quickly get an overview of the status of all your tickets

To effectively address maintenance tickets, staying informed is crucial. Neglecting them can lead to unchecked issues that worsen over time. By logging into FaultFixers, you gain access to a comprehensive view of all reported issues, complete with their relevant statuses. From there, you can dive into the details and easily filter the tickets based on their status and priority. This enables efficient management and prioritization, ensuring timely resolution of maintenance concerns.
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One software platform for many purposes

If you're looking for a particular use case other than what we talk about here than have a look through how you can utilise Faultfixers for other popular use cases.

Work Order Management

Our work order management software simplifies the process of creating, tracking, and managing work orders. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily create work orders, assign them to team members, track progress, and receive real-time updates on the status of each task.

Property Maintenance

With our property maintenance software, you can easily schedule planned maintenance tasks on a calendar and use online forms for checklists. This helps you save money on unexpected emergency repairs and avoid asset deterioration, two of the most significant benefits of preventive maintenance.

Asset Management Software

Our asset management software helps you effectively manage assets across multiple business locations in real-time ensuring visibility of valuable equipment at all times. Access a wide range of information, including maintenance records, scheduling &service contracts. Use QR tags to make fault reporting easy.

Facilities Management Software

Our facilities management software offers a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of your facility, from maintenance to security and compliance. With our cloud-based software, you can manage your facilities from anywhere, at any time, with real-time visibility into your assets, resources, and activities.
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