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FaultFixers is a powerful maintenance management system made from three simple apps that let you ditch the pen and paper and digitise your maintenance operations.
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Unlimited Fault Reporting & One Central Maintenance System

FaultFixers is made up of two simple apps. Our mobile reporting app is free for anyone to use to report faults as they find them. Simply scan the QR code and report. Our maintenance teams app is the control centre where you can manage, assign & plan all your maintenance operations.

Save Time & Costs

By digitising your maintenance operations you can spend less time on admin and paper records and more time on the things that are most important to you and your clients.

Stay Compliant

Ensuring all of your regular maintenance checks are done on time and recorded online you can make sure you stay compliant and have a full audit history of certifications.

Increase Efficiency

By improving the time it takes to report and resolve issues you will increase the overall efficiency of your team which means you will enjoy more time to spend on other things.
Software Overview

Watch How Easy it Is to Create A Maintenance
Ticket Within Our Teams Application

In this short video we will quickly show you can example of how you can create a reactive ticket within FaultFixers.

🧐 Keep facilities compliant with FaultFixers

A maintenance management system like FaultFixers plays a pivotal role in enhancing compliance for our customers. By automating and centralising maintenance processes, we ensure that regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and compliance-related tasks are performed consistently and according to regulations.

Our system enables scheduled maintenance activities, tracks maintenance history, and maintains accurate documentation of compliance records, such as maintenance logs, certifications, and service reports. Additionally, our software provides notifications and alerts for upcoming compliance-related actions, reducing the risk of missed deadlines or oversights.

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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go”

Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager
Auto-assignment rules

Save time & automate maintenance task assignments

Unlock the full potential of FaultFixers' cutting-edge auto-assignment rules and revolutionise your maintenance ticket management effortlessly.

By harnessing the power of intelligent automation, you can seamlessly allocate tickets based on factors like their origin and specific category, be it plumbing, electrical, or more. Say goodbye to administrative tasks and manual job assignments, and say hello to a world where your valuable time is freed up.
reactive ticket view
reactive ticket view
Maintenance Compliance & Auditing

Keep a digital record of historical maintenance

In FaultFixers, each maintenance ticket is accompanied by a comprehensive audit history. This feature serves an important purpose in retrospectively reviewing the actions taken on a specific task.

Furthermore and arguably more importantly it proves highly valuable when presenting this information to an independent compliance commission or inspector.

The audit history feature in FaultFixers plays a critical role in preserving records, ensuring compliance, promoting transparency, facilitating effective communication, and driving continuous improvement.
Central Maintenance Management

Quickly get an overview of the status of all your maintenance jobs

With FaultFixers you can quickly login and within seconds see the status of all past, present and on-going maintenance jobs. Filter by priority, status, location and more. Not only can you see the status of current work, you maintain a digital audit record of all of the previous checks and repairs made for compliance and safety regulations.
reactive ticket view

One easy to use platform, many solutions.

Simple but powerful maintenance software designed for multiple use cases.

Facilities Management

Facilities management software streamlines asset management, reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and saves costs.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management software boosts productivity, tracks work orders, and streamlines maintenance tasks to save time and money.

Asset Management

Asset management software tracks and manages assets throughout their lifecycle, improving visibility, optimizing usage, and minimizing costs.


CMMS software helps manage maintenance operations by automating tasks, tracking assets, and providing data-driven insights.
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