Time & Cost Tracking

Keep track of maintenance costs and time spent on jobs with the check-in and check-out functions built into our maintenance system.
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Stay on top of time & costs

Ensure your maintenance team and assets are operating within your time and budget restraints with our cost and time recording features.

A digital record of expenses

Stay on top of your costs and budgets by keeping a digital record of costs so you can ensure you are tracking your maintenance expenses correctly.

Check-in & Check-out

Allow your maintenance team to check-in and check-out when they are working on jobs so you can see how much time was spent on a job allowing you to estimate more accurately in the future.

Keep track of your team

With the time and cost tracking features you can keep a digital record of your teams activities and ensure you are all operating as efficiently as possible.
Time & Cost Tracking Feature

Configure your expenses to suit your business needs

Although FaultFixers is not an expense management or finance system, you can still record maintenance related expenses in the system to give you a good idea of the cost of certain tasks. This can be especially useful for recording team expenses if they are travelling or visiting different properties and locations to help fix issues.
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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go”

Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager

Simple Solutions for Multiple Industries

Our maintenance management system is designed to be simple and intuitive. That is why it is used across multiple industries to optimise and improve facility, property and maintenance processes.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about time & cost tracking
Can i record the cost of an asset?
Yep, each asset has the option to have a cost associated to it. This obviously allows you to keep a track of the value of your assets and gives some much needed context sometimes when you have lots and lots of assets.
Can staff use FaultFixers to check-in and out?
Yes, you can use the check-in and check-out functionality within FaultFixers to record when your team are starting a job and finishing it. This can be useful for estimating future tasks and therefore help you estimate the cost of a job more accurately too.

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