Simple CMMS Software for Facility Management

Our CMMS software simplifies maintenance management, whether you have a single facility or multiple locations. With the ability to tag assets and locations, reporting faults is quick and effortless, and all data is stored on a centralised system for easy access and analysis.
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A Simple CMMS To Empower Your Maintenance Management

Whether it's a simple recurring maintenance task like checking the fire alarms or reactive maintenance that you want to standardise. You can use our simple and powerful CMMS software to centralise all of your maintenance operations.

Improve Compliance

Along with your maintenance checklists you can upload and attach compliance certifications so you can safely store your fire safety and other certificates online.

Ditch the paper records

Keeping on top of paper records is difficult and can cause numerous problems. With FaultFixers digital forms and checklists you can transition to a fully digitised maintenance operation.

Increase Efficiency

Having your maintenance checklists and forms digitised means time saved and a more efficient process for your staff to follow.

How you create a maintenance ticket in FaultFixers

In this short video we will quickly show you can example of how you can create a reactive ticket within FaultFixers.

Auto-assignment rules

Automatically assign maintenance tickets

Using the FaultFixers CMMS auto-assignment rules you can automatically assign your maintenance tickets based on certain conditions like the location the ticket was raised and also the category of ticket too. Automating this means you'll save time on admin and won't have to manually assign jobs to your team again.
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🧐 Stay compliant with a centralised maintenance system

Our CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) plays a critical role in bolstering compliance for our customers. Through the automation and centralisation of maintenance processes, our CMMS ensures that routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and compliance-related tasks are consistently executed in accordance with regulations.

The system facilitates scheduled maintenance activities, tracks comprehensive maintenance history, and ensures precise documentation of compliance records, including maintenance logs, certifications, and service reports. Moreover, our software delivers timely notifications and alerts for upcoming compliance-related actions, mitigating the risk of missed deadlines or oversights.

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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go”

Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager

All-in-one CMMS System

Our comprehensive software is designed to revolutionise the way you handle maintenance tasks, enabling you to automate, organise, and track everything in a single, user-friendly platform.

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Confidently schedule & track ppm tasks

Spot minor faults before they become major, budget-busting concerns.You may avoid a pricey seized engine with a little preventive maintenance.

Stay on top of re-active maintenance tickets

React more quickly to maintenance tasks with easy reporting. Allow your staff to report faults quickly with location QR codes & a mobile phone.

Keep track of your assets and reduce maintenance costs

Measure what matters with Untitled’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Real-time maintenance KPI dashboard

Get a real-time 360 view of all of your maintenance tickets and tasks along with priority, status and where things are overdue.
Re-active ticket maintenance

Quickly get an overview of the status of all your tickets

It's important to know about all of your maintenance tickets when they crop up. Otherwise, things can go unchecked and become worse over-time. Login to FaultFixers and see all of the reported issues in one view with the relevant status attached. The, dive into the detail and filter the tickets by status and priority.
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Mobile Maintenance Reporting

Quickly allow your team to report maintenance issues on the go with our mobile maintenance app. Between the reporter application and teams app you can keep track of all maintenance issues on the go.

QR Code Scanning

Deploy QR tags across your estate to ensure quick and accurate fault reporting. Simply scant the code to log the report.

Raise tickets on the go

Our mobile app allows your staff to raise re-active maintenance tickets on the go. These are then all visible on the desktop application.

One platform for multiple solutions

Our powerful maintenance ticketing system has everything you need under one roof to ensure your facilities and assets are maintained effectively.

Work Order Management

Our work order management software simplifies the process of creating, tracking, and managing work orders. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily create work orders, assign them to team members, track progress, and receive real-time updates on the status of each task.

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance software allows you to create calendar-based planned maintenance tasks and utilise online forms for your checklists. The most valuable benefits of this function are minimising the expense of emergency repairs and preventing asset deterioration.

Asset Management Software

Our asset management software helps you effectively manage assets across multiple business locations in real-time ensuring visibility of valuable equipment at all times. Access a wide range of information, including maintenance records, scheduling &service contracts. Use QR tags to make fault reporting easy.

Facilities Management Software

Our facilities management software offers a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of your facility, from maintenance to security and compliance. With our cloud-based software, you can manage your facilities from anywhere, at any time, with real-time visibility into your assets, resources, and activities.
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