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Maintenance management made easy, from single locations to multiple buildings. Tag all of your locations & assets and report faults in seconds, all recorded on a central system.
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Preventative Maintenance

Plan and schedule your preventative maintenance tasks using our maintenance software.

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Reactive Maintenance

A simple system for logging maintenance tickets reported by users throughout your facilities

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Build a digital version of your facilities

To enable accurate fault reporting and help you keep on top of where issues have been raised you can build out a digital hierarchy of your facilities from within our desktop app.


Add your team and external contractors

Once you have built out your facilities in FaultFixers you can add your in-house maintenance team and your third party contractors to the account to be able to assign work to them. You don't need to add users who are only reporting faults.


Print & deploy auto-generated QR codes

Once you have built out your facilities in FaultFixers you'll have access to auto-generated QR codes for all of your locations. This enables you to print off posters and tags to put up in these locations so users can simple scan the code to report a issue.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance Management

Once your facilities are set up in FaultFixers and you have deployed your QR codes all users need to do is to scan the QR code with their phone to start reporting issues, no user account is required for anyone just reporting an issue.

1. Choose location

Once a QR code is scanned it will automatically select the location and ask the user to select the child location if there is one.

choose a location on mobile

2. Take a photo

You then have the option to take a photo or video of the fault along with the ability to add notes to the report itself.

take a photo on mobile

3. Report the issue

The system will check for duplicates and if none are found you'll can report the issue. This will logged in the main system.

report an issue on mobile

Jobs are logged against buildings, rooms & assets

By building out a digital map of your facilities you enable your staff and even members of the public to report issues by simply scanning a QR code at that location - the issue is logged against that location so you get a more detailed and segmented view of all your maintenance jobs based on the location.

Assign automatically based on location & category

With FaultFixers auto-assignment rules you can automaticlaly assign work orders and jobs based on the location and/or the category of job that is reported. This can save a lot of manual admin work ensuring the right person is assigned the correct jobs.


Build your preventative maintenance schedule

More important than reactive maintenance management is scheduling and executing your planned preventative maintenance schedules. Within FaultFixers you can plan and schedule all of your preventative maintenance and compliance checks.


Build your checklists with our form builder

Faultfixers comes with a built-in form building feature that allows users to create all of your standard checklists and forms for all of your maintenance processes. From fire safety checks to room inspections you can create processes for any scenario you wish.


Prioritise and set the frequency of planned work

While building out your preventative maintenance schedule in FaultFixers you can set the priority of the tasks and also the frequency, whether it is a daily check or annual.

In-app messaging and notifications

Stay in touch with your team when they are working on jobs and utilise our in-app messaging feature that enables you to retain a historical record of all communications occurring alongside the work. This means you can have greater visibility and accountability when it comes to work completion.

A complete maintenance history

FaultFixers provides you with a complete audit trail of all of your maintenance operations. You can even store documents such as warranty information and compliance certificates like gas safety checks in the system so you never misplace them again.

Maintenance analytics

The beauty of setting up your facilities in FaultFixers is that you can quickly review the status of all of your maintenance jobs and especially keep track of anything that is overdue.

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