Location Hierarchy

With FaultFixers you have the flexibility to build out locations within your properties within the system. This means you can assign maintenance tasks based on very specific locations and even auto-assign tasks based on locations.
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Better Reporting, Improved Compliance & Scalable Maintenance

Having the ability to build out locations in our maintenance system means you can benefit from improved and more accurate fault reporting. You'll be able to resolve issues faster and scale your operations more effectively with much better compliance.

Multiple Property Maintenance

When you are managing the maintenance of a large estate it pays to have more accurate location data when an issue is reported or being worked on. With location hierarchy you can build a digital blueprint of your facilities online.

Faster Issue Resolution

Having more granular and accurate information on the location of a maintenance ticket means you can effectively resolve the issue faster. You don't waste time first trying to locate the exact site of the problem.

Detailed Reporting

Having multiple locations configured within multiple buildings allows you build out more detailed reports on your maintenance history. This is not only great for you but also beneficial for third-party inspections.
Multi-location Maintenance Management

Get a detailed maintenance breakdown by location

With one click get a complete overview of the maintenance status of your property. From overdue tasks, tickets raised and tasks completed, you will have a control hub from which you can monitor maintenance progress and ensure everything is kept in good shape.
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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go.”

Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager
Buildings & Locations

Add and configure multiple buildings and locations

With FaultFixers you can add in multiple buildings and locations within those buildings. This enables you to replicate your physical properties within FaultFixers. You can then assign QR codes to each location and have them situated in the room so that maintenance staff can scan the QR code and log an issue to the specific location with minimal effort.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about buildings and locations within FaultFixers.
What can be a 'location'?
A location could be a room in a building or a communal area such as a reception room or a hallway. We recommend defining all of your relevant building areas as locations in FaultFixers.
Can i have multiple buildings with locations?
Yes, you can have multiple buildings with multiple locations within those buildings. The more detailed the better because you can then create QR tags for each location so that when they are scanned the fault is reported in the most accurate location.
What's the difference between a building and a location?
Typically users use locations as areas within buildings although the same functionality exists for buildings and locations.
Is there a limit to the number of buildings i can have?
There is no limit to the number of buildings you can set up on the account but depending on your pricing model it may adjust you fees.

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