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Streamline your hotel maintenance management, whether you have a single hotel or multiple buildings to oversee. Simplify fault reporting by effortlessly tagging your hotel locations and assets, ensuring efficient and effective maintenance.
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Improve customer experience with hotel maintenance management

Maintenance is crucial for hotels to ensure a seamless guest experience and uphold their reputation. Regular maintenance safeguards the functionality and aesthetics of facilities, preventing costly breakdowns.

Reduce Costs

Enhance your hotel's preventive maintenance measures and proactive maintenance strategies allowing for cost savings, ensuring smooth operations and avoiding costly emergency repairs.

Better oversight of maintenance

FaultFixers provides visibility on all of your reactive and preventative maitnenance tasks under one roof giving you better oversight across your property portfolio.

Improve guest satisfaction

Keeping on top of maintenance tasks and preventing breakdowns eventually filters down to an improved guest experience and a more profitable business in the long-run.

🤩 Provide a great experience for your guests

Facility management is vital for hotels as it directly impacts guest experiences, reputation, operational efficiency, safety, asset protection, and regulatory compliance.

Well-maintained facilities within a hotel contribute to positive guest experience and a strong brand image, while efficient operations reduce costs and enhance profitability. Moreover, prioritising safety, asset maintenance, and compliance ensures a secure environment and legal adherence. By investing in hotel maintenance software you can build a better business with great facility management processes.

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Hotel Maintenance Management Made Easy

Schedule regular checks and react to issues quickly

With FaultFixers you can take control of both your preventative maintenance schedule and your reactive maintenance operations. Get oversight of all the tasks that are being undertaken and maintain a record of everything was competed so you can see the full maintenance history of your hotel assets.

With FaultFixers you can even use QR tags across the hotel rooms to enable quick fault reporting using a mobile reporter app. This means you can have any staff member report a fault while they are the room without having to call someone or write it down in a logbook.
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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go”

Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager
Maintenance and compliance for Hotels

Schedule and record regular tasks like room cleaning

Room cleaning is daily task for hotel maintenance teams. You can use FaultFixers to schedule and record the results of all room cleans. Utilising the QR tagging feature means you can even enable your cleaning staff to report faults as they cleaning the room, simply scan a QR code and the software will report the issue against the specific room and even the specific asset such as the bed if you want to get into that detail.
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Simplify Your Hotel Maintenance Management

Our software is designed to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. Allow your staff to report faults in seconds and easily track these in the web application.

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Schedule & track preventative maintenance tasks

Identify minor faults before they escalate into major, budget-draining issues. With proactive preventive maintenance, you have the potential to prevent expensive breakdowns.

Stay on top of reactive maintenance tickets

React quicker to unscheduled maintenance tasks with easy fault reporting. Your staff can report faults quickly with location QR codes & a mobile phone.

Keep track of your assets and reduce maintenance costs

Tag all of your important assets and keep track of any maintenance tasks associated with them using QR tags.

Real-time maintenance KPI dashboard

Get a quick overview of your hotel's maintenance tasks in one place with our maintenance KPI dashboard.
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Hotel Maintenance Management Features

Mobile Fault Reporting for Hotels

Our mobile maintenance fault reporter app enables anyone to report a fault/issue within seconds. Simple scan a QR code and start reporting. Take photos and videos to assist in fault identification.

QR Code Scanning

Enable fast and accurate fault reporting across your hotel by deploying QR tags in every room. Scan the code to quickly log the fault.

Raise tickets on the go

When a fault is reported using the app, a ticker is created in the central maintenance system which can then be assigned to your team.

A simple but powerful CMMS system

Our powerful maintenance management software has everything you need under one roof to ensure your facilities and assets are maintained effectively.

Work Order Management

Effortlessly manage work orders with our user-friendly software. Create, track, and assign tasks, while receiving real-time updates on progress. Simplify your workflow and boost productivity with our hotel work orfer management system.

Preventative Hotel Maintenance

Optimize hotel maintenance with our preventive maintenance software. Create scheduled maintenance tasks and utilise online checklists for efficient maintenance management across multiple hotels and locations.

Simple Asset Management Software

Efficiently manage hotel assets across multiple locations in real-time with our simple asset management software. Gain complete visibility of valuable equipment at all times, accessing comprehensive information such as maintenance records, scheduling, and service contracts.

Hotel CMMS Software

Our hotel CMMS software offers a comprehensive solution to help you manage and maintain your assets, facilities, and equipment with ease. With our user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily track work orders, schedule preventive maintenance tasks, and manage inventory and spare parts.
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