Audit Trail

See the complete history of your maintenance operations with the audit trail feature. Keep track of progress and retrospectively review the actions taken against any of your maintenance tickets.
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A comprehensive digital database of maintenance tasks

The in-built functionality of an audit trail in FaultFixers provides you with a comprehensive digital database of all your maintenance tasks improving compliance and accountability.

Improve Your Compliance

By retaining the historical data on your maintenance operations you are able to provide more accurate information to inspectors in a fast and effective manner. You're also able to keep more accurate digital records.

Retrospective Analysis

A great benefit of having the audit history of every maintenance ticket is that you can look back in time to see what happened and who did what. This improves accountability and can help understand issues in more detail.

A digital database

With the audit trail you will acquire a digital database of your maintenance history that is accessible at anytime from anywhere. Making it easier to share historical data internally and with third-parties.
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See who did what, when.

The main function of an audit trail is the ability for you to see who did what, when. This removes an ambiguity when it comes to analysing something if there was a problem or if an issue keeps recurring you can use the audit history to pin-point potential issues.
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“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on the go.”

Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager
Buildings & Locations

Retain a digital database of your maintenance history

One the great benefits of a digital maintenance management system like FaultFixers is the fact to you will start to build out a digital database of your maintenance history that can be used overtime to improve your maintenance operations. If you are purely using a paper-based approach there is no way you will be able retain all of your historical records as you will probably run out of room!
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