How FaultFixers is making Care Home Maintenance easier

We understand that the most important aspect of the care industry is the health and safety of residents and the quality of care that they receive...
How FaultFixers is making Care Home Maintenance easier
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
June 9, 2023

The importance of care home maintenance management during the pandemic and beyond

We understand that the most important aspect of the care industry is the health and safety of residents and the quality of care that they receive. This is why it is just as important to have a care home maintenance management system in place that can be used easily, quickly and effectively, ensuring that care home residents remain the focus and priority. 

As the whole world begins to adapt to the new normal, it is vital that care home maintenance is kept up to date, simple to use and cost-effective. Covid19 has impacted every industry in some way, but no other industry has been as hugely affected during the pandemic as the care industry. Over the last year, we have witnessed the severe struggles and difficulties that the care industry has faced and can only hope that now they have come out the other side. 

Throughout the Covid19 pandemic, the care industry endured various challenges and suffered a great deal. The quality of patient care needed to keep residents and staff safe unfortunately increased the risk of transmission, leading to more individuals contracting the virus and sadly many of them losing their lives. Although extra safety measures were slowly implemented, a lack of PPE and testing had devastating effects on residents, their families and staff. In addition to this, face to face interactions also came to a halt with family visits being cancelled and human contact going on the back burner. 

At the start of the year, we won grant funding from Innovate UK which specifically focused on providing support to the health and care industry in response to the Covid19 pandemic. Therefore, the importance of keeping residents and staff safe in care homes is at the forefront of our minds. Our maintenance management software allows 100% virtual maintenance management that aids the reduction of transmission across all sites. 

Care home maintenance

One key benefit of using FaultFixers in the care industry is that fewer people are needed within the facility when reporting maintenance issues. Once an issue has been reported using the mobile app, the correct person will be notified and can deal with the issue accordingly. This is hugely beneficial as we are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ way of life as limiting the number of people entering care homes can reduce the risk of infection and ensure the safety of the residents and staff. Additionally, staff can respond to residents much quicker without the need to refer back to countless emails, excel spreadsheets or answering phone calls.

Another advantage of using FaultFixers is that everything is stored securely in one place and can be accessed digitally. Say goodbye to your paper filing systems, confusing spreadsheets and never-ending logbooks. Our easy to use platform will reduce the risk of losing important documents and will allow you to keep track of your maintenance with ease. This will be especially useful for CQC inspections as you can easily run reports and keep a record of all documents, certificates and tasks. This will mean less time is focused on paperwork and more time can be spent on the care and safety of the residents. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our care home maintenance software and how we can help you to manage your care home  and ensure your residents and staff are safe, click below for our Free Tour. Or download our free care home maintenance checklist that you can start implementing on your sites today. 

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