We've won backing from Innovate UK 🚀

FaultFixers has won backing from Innovate UK. FaultFixers has secured £271k in Innovate UK's 'ideas that address the impacts of COVID-19' fund.
We've won backing from Innovate UK 🚀
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

We won! That's right, FaultFixers has gone and won grant funding from Innovate UK.

FaultFixers has won grant funding from Innovate UK's competition, 'ideas that address the impacts of COVID-19', a fund created as a response to the pandemic. It is funding research and innovation in projects that deliver a significant contribution to the understanding of, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts.

We're passionate about our product and we also think it'll help nudge the health and social care sector into investing in solutions that have a positive impact on our planet.

This awesome support has secured £271k in grant funding to help us continue developing our product in the social care space and delivering innovative maintenance software that offers businesses 100% socially distant and virtual maintenance solutions, helping with paperless objectives, whilst also helping businesses with efficiency and oversight.

We're dedicated to putting it to good use and here's how...

Supporting you through Covid-19

There's no doubt that you have been affected by the recent pandemic and we're no stranger to it either. There's a lot of pressure in many industries to keep everyone safe and we applaud our frontline workers for making this possible. The FaultFixers team consists of hard-working individuals, dedicated to ensuring our technology is being used to facilitate the frontline be it through our dedicated care-worker reporting apps, or our back-office maintenance app, allowing 100% virtual maintenance management, that aids the reduction of transmission across sites.

Our technology stands in for face-to-face conversations, paper-based notes and long phone calls. We want FaultFixers to be used in all industries to ensure social distancing standards are being met and employees are kept safe.

Building features you need

We've got a lot of things planned but our main focus is our customers. This grant will allow us to really listen to what you need and build meaningful features. The FaultFixers blueprint has always been to make maintenance software easy and we intend to continue to build a product with all the features you need and make them simple and enjoyable to us.

Looking to the future

We're lucky to be at the stage we are and thanks to Innovate UK our growth is limitless. We are building the best team there is and are all excited about what lies ahead. There are still things we need to get done, the tech we need to build and teams we need to nurture but our aim is to bring long-overdue innovation to maintenance teams, everywhere.

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