Benefits of using a CMMS on Office Maintenance

Office maintenance software undeniably benefit businesses in office spaces, just like yours. Here's why you should make that transition to a CMMS now.
Benefits of using a CMMS on Office Maintenance
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

Office maintenance software can benefit businesses in various office spaces, varying from, co-working spaces, creative office spaces and more traditional offices.

A Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can also benefit any size office, regardless of whether you are a small startup company or a large corporate company. Using office maintenance software will help streamline operations and ease automation of processes, therefore helping businesses to run smoothly and efficiently. 

How does Office Maintenance software work?

Office Maintenance software digitalises your facility management tasks and processes so you can store all important information in a one-stop platform and get rid of traditional paper-based methods.

A CMMS brings many benefits to businesses and can be highly beneficial for office spaces as it allows you to stay on top of your maintenance management and also be cost-effective. This can be especially useful in an office environment where multiple teams are using the same office space, as well as a vast amount of equipment being used on a daily basis.

Here's some of the benefits of having a CMMS:

Communication will be eased 

By using a digitalised platform to report faults, manage assets, schedule tasks and most importantly gain complete oversight across teams the way in which communication will take place will be simplified. There will be no more miscommunication, back and forth emails or missed phone calls as everything will be stored on one easy to use platform with in-app messaging and real-time notifications allowing teams to communicate with ease.

Resolution of faults reported at a faster speed 

In addition, the ability to quickly report faults by taking a photo or video of the maintenance issue will increase the speed of faults being fixed as they can be reported straight to the relevant team to deal with. This is especially useful for offices as it is likely that a number of teams from different companies will be using the same office spaces across various floors in the building. Therefore, a reliable, efficient and easy to use platform, like Faultfixers maintenance app will hugely benefit the maintenance team in managing their maintenance across multiple sites in a timely manner. 

Office maintenance software will help make reporting maintenance issues much easier for larger offices with a number of different teams e.g. a co-working space as faults can be reported from any device. Therefore, regardless of which team is working in the office space they can keep up to date with the progress of the maintenance issue, track accountability and be made aware when the issue has been fixed. 

Have complete oversight of your team and operations

By moving away from logbooks and spreadsheets offices will be able to run more efficiently and gain complete oversight of their team and operations. This in turn reduces the risk of losing important documents or information as everything can be stored digitally in one safe place. This will benefit large corporate offices and co-working spaces hugely as audit history and asset registers can be stored securely and accessed with ease

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