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✨   What you can do with FaultFixers   ✨

Fault Reporting

Give anyone the ability to report maintenance issues straight to the relevant team (e.g. staff, customers, contractors).

Quick & simple reporting – you receive pictures/ video of the issues for faster & smarter resolutions.

Fault Reporting

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Create calendar -based planned maintenance tasks:

✅   Maintain full compliance all the time
✅   Prevent equipment failure
✅   Never mess about with complex spreadsheets again

Real-Time Notifications


FaultFixers automates all communications and updates to your Teams, Customers, Contractors – you name it! 

Imagine the productivity gains from automatic customer updates, and team notifications – efficiency bliss 😍


Custom Checklists & Digital Forms

Instantly create digital checklists and forms, completing them on-the-go and storing them in your FaultFixers account.

Link them to your account, a building, recurring tasks (e.g. daily H&S audits), or an ad hoc job (e.g. risk assessments).

Never lose another 3rd party certificate or compliance document with digital storage, easily search when you need it.

Mobile & Web App-Based

Available on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.

Available on both iOS (Apple) and Android.

Maintenance SoftwareMaintenance Software


Maintenance Software App

Dynamic Scheduling & Task Assignment

Schedule your tasks across your workforce based on their dynamic availability, skill, location etc.

Drag-and-drop jobs into your workforces diary – send and update it at the click of a button – ditch the emails and whiteboards for good!  

White Labelling


Make maintenance a team effort – give your staff, operatives, engineers and anyone else the ability to report an issue straight to the relevant team(s).

Wow your customers with an online request portal and brand in in your colours or theirs,

Saving you time responding to emails, answering calls, and inputting jobs.

Maintenance Management App
Workforce management

In-app Messaging

Chat with your team from inside your maintenance app to streamline communication.

Replace back and forth, inefficient phone calls with group chats that can be created for individual tasks, and projects.

Reporting and Analytics

Create maintenance reports to drill into your data, identifying trends and analysis.

Run reports in seconds, eliminating manual review. Quickly share access with inspectors, or even your customers.

Track performance and KPIs from your dynamic dashboard. 

Maintenance management dashboard
Fault reporting app

Photos, Videos, & Signatures

Allow your staff and customers to report issues with pictures and video to make responding to issues quicker and easier.

No more Chinese Whispers or “which piece of equipment do you mean” – fix issues faster and on first inspection.

Track accountability and validity with signatures, whether it’s engineer sign-offs for certificates, or customer sign-offs for job closure.

Check-in and Check-out

Track time spent on tasks – your team can easily clock in/out of jobs when they attend to capture how long they take to complete, helping with timesheet capture.

Coming soon – automatic cost calculation, rate cards, and pull-through to invoicing.

workforce management
Asset management

Complete Audit History and Tracking

Easily track what has been done, when, and by who.

Persistent problem? No bother! Rather than open a new issue, just re-open the same job and benefit from seeing previous actions and maintenance history.

Link and store documents, certificates, before & after photos, quotes, invoices, you name it, with them all easily searchable.

Detailed Asset Registers 

Keep a detailed history of all your equipment & critical assets. 

Quickly drill into an assets maintenance history where you can attach manuals and warranty documents so they are never lost.

Create automated planned maintenance tasks against specific assets (e.g. a boiler) and never worry about non- compliance again.

Asset register
Asset Tagging

QR Code & Asset Tagging

Create unlimited QR Tags to deploy across your facilities. 

Flexibly set them up to suit you needs – building tags, location tags or asset tags

Scan them in either the FaultFixers Reporter App & Teams App to see a list of open issues across a specific building(s) or to load the maintenance history of a critical asset(s).

Invoicing, Quoting & Accounting Integrations

Quickly create Quotes & Invoices at the click of a button, helping you win more business and receiving payments faster.

Link them directly to each job with automatic status updates.

Saves hundreds of man hours for you and your team, which allows you to complete more jobs and deliver more business.

Maintenance accounting
Workforce tracking

Workforce Tracking

See your team’s GPS location on Google Maps to make quick decisions, and to keep a lookout for remote staff.

Make the best use of your mobile resources’ time by effectively planning their optimum routing.

With integrated SatNav your operatives can find their way from job to job without any headaches, and using the latest traffic & weather information.


Highly Configureable for ANY Industry

For any business, in any industry – we have customers in over 15 different industries

School Maintenance Software
Care Home Maintenance Software
Property Maintenance Software
Maintenance Software


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“Excellent for reporting issues across the school and allowing the Care Taker to respond quickly”

“I can’t tell you how much it makes my job easier, both for managing customer issues and warranty issues with our contractors."

“It’s changed the way our whole team works – before we had 5 painful spreadsheets, and now we can manage everything on-the-go”

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