Planned Preventative Maintenance Example

Planned preventative maintenance is scheduling recurring tasks for the general upkeep of properties but what is a planned preventative maintenance example?
Planned Preventative Maintenance Example
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

Planned Preventative Maintenance is the process of scheduling recurring tasks for the prevention of asset failures and downtime. Businesses have the opportunity to save costs by reducing downtime and increasing asset lifetime with preventative maintenance and in this article, we wanted to take you through some common planned preventative maintenance examples.

Planned preventative maintenance (or PPM) can fall within several teams: 

  • Maintenance Operatives 
  • Housekeeping
  • Management / Leadership Teams
  • IT Departments

Any team that manages assets such as machines, computers, fire extinguishers, doors and windows etc may have a planned preventative maintenance strategy in place to avoid unwanted breakages and downtime. Other PPM strategies can include the process of ensuring the general upkeep of premises and health and safety equipment. 

Planned preventative maintenance example

Planned preventative maintenance example

A common PPM example can be a recurring fire alarm check which is crucial for any property or business in order to maintain a good standard of health and safety. Below we will run through some other common PPM examples and which teams they may fall within.

Maintenance operatives 

Maintenance operatives and managers have the unique challenge of ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of most of the property or site. Maintenance teams are often responsible for designing a planned preventative maintenance strategy that is representative of the property they are managing. Some common PPM examples for maintenance teams can be...

  • Doors and windows: regular door and window inspections to ensure they are safe to operate and that locks are working.
  • Legionella prevention: to prevent legionnaires disease, temperature checks are crucial. Recurring maintenance should include regular inspections, cleaning and temperature checks.
  • Stairs, lifts and escalators: maintenance teams often have the responsibility to ensure the safety of stairs, stairwells, lifts and escalators. Examples of recurring tasks can be lighting checks and general upkeep of machinery. 
  • Fire safety: recurring maintenance tasks can include fireproofing buildings, exits & entrances. Maintenance teams are often tasked with ensuring that fire exits are clear of debris and furniture with inspections of fire extinguishers.

To help you with your PPM journey, we've created this Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule template that is free to download and use for your business.


Although maintenance teams are commonly responsible for the general upkeep of properties, housekeeping teams are often responsible for ensuring properties are clean and safe for those using the properties. Preventative maintenance tasks for housekeeping teams can be...

  • Regular cleaning: regular cleaning prevents the build-up of debris, and germs and promotes a clean and safe environment.  
  • Machine maintenance: Some housekeeping teams may be responsible for maintenance tasks for machines such as washing machines or dishwashers. In the care of the dishwasher, housekeeping teams may be required to run the dishwasher with salt to prevent blockages. 

Management / Leadership Teams

Management and leadership teams oversee most (if not, all) aspects of the business and the properties they work within. They have the unique role of ensuring all preventative maintenance tasks are being performed regularly and that the strategy is helping to keep costs down and extend asset lifetime. 

The below image has been taken directly from the FaultFixers dashboard. FaultFixers has been designed so that maintenance teams have complete oversight and visibility of jobs including any upcoming and overdue.


IT Departments 

IT departments are often responsible for the technology being used in the business and properties. Some preventative maintenance tasks for IT teams can be...

  • Regular upkeep and maintenance of computers, monitors, keyboards, and other computer accessories

The process of preventative maintenance can be overwhelming with many tasks on the go however with maintenance software it is easy to automate recurring tasks and have each task assigned to the correct person. FaultFixers aims to streamline preventative maintenance for teams helping them avoid unnecessary emails, phone calls, and paper logbooks. 

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