Back to school: a new start with school facilities management software

Now we're going back to school we should consider the usefulness of school facilities management software, and it's role in keeping schools efficient.
Back to school: a new start with school facilities management software
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

Now we're heading into September teachers will be readjusting to school life (and maybe looking for school facilities management software). This naturally includes getting reacquainted with the physical infrastructure of the school buildings. You'll notice flaws and faults you previously hadn't or ones you just put up with because it was the end of the year and everyone's pretty knackered. Fresh after the summer holidays, now's the time to finally get that stuff sorted. You send an email to the facilities manager for the school and get a reply in a few hours saying they'll fix your problem soon. After delays, miscommunication, and going back and forth for several days, the problem eventually gets sorted. 

school facilities management software

By the time it's finally done everyone's time has been wasted. Facilities managers have spent half their time running around communicating exactly when and where they'll fix problems, rather than being allowed the time to fix them. Teachers don't know when their problems will get sorted, so spend hours sending emails, catching the right people in corridors or simply working with faulty equipment. With school facilities management software this is all simplified down into an app.

School facilities management software lets you take a picture of the problem and attach it to an online report. You can then file it away and it will notify the facilities management team, who then take over. Reporters are copied into any changes and can view the progress of the problem. They can file reports against existing assets such as radiators or windows by scanning a QR code sticker. This also means that the facilities management team can see the history of each asset through the school facilities management software. Recurring tasks (predictive preventative maintenance or PPM) can be created using school facilities management software, further streamlining building management. This kind of regular, predictable work naturally fits into school life, somewhere regular patterns of work and predictability are pretty common and generally encouraged. If that's not enough, take a look at our four reasons to start using School Maintenance Software for your school here. 

school facilities management software

The role of school facilities management software within an education environment, and the natural way it fits into school life, should be clear. If it isn't, take a look at our key info about schools or book a call with one of our team.

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