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3 ways maintenance management software can boost team productivity

Maintenance management software can help your team move from a messy system of scraps of paper and uncoordinated ...

Maintenance management software can help your team move from a messy system of scraps of paper and uncoordinated spreadsheets to a smooth and efficient app. This means you can deal with the substantial issues you've been putting off rather than wasting time with minor tasks that could easily be automated by maintenance management software. With that in mind, I thought I'd break down the precise ways that maintenance management software can improve your team's productivity.

1. Less travel time.

As Steve from Hallmark Care described in a recent interview with us, it’s hard to understand what’s going on with your sites when it’s all on paper. The natural solution to this is therefore to drive over and have a look yourself. Whether it's moving in-between sites or running around one to pick up the individual complaints, having all the issues in one digital location rather than stuck on paper means that you and your team will spend a lot less time on the move. This also means you'll save on fuel, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Traffic commute

2. Better communication

Our maintenance management software allows you to attach photos and videos to tickets, and for them to be instantly accessible remotely. You, therefore, spend much less time finding out what exactly the problem is, and more time fixing it. This is especially true for tickets raised by non-FM staff and even residents, where the easy categorisation and photo descriptions mean that the days of talking back and forth, miscommunicating over a minor issue, are long gone. They can also track their problem and see its progress, meaning they’ll understand what’s going on without getting frustrated or needing to hassle you.

3. Less bureaucracy

Maintenance management software allows you to focus your work on what really matters, not on form filling or chasing tickets. With our new planned preventative maintenance function, the basics like fire drills or equipment checks can be automated. Tickets can now be easily filed against assets by scanning a QR code. You'll also spend less time out of hours fielding calls as night shifts can file tickets on their phones for you to pick up in the morning.

Asset inventory

Of course, this particular article doesn’t cover the environmental or financial benefits, which are also really helpful. If you think you might benefit from maintenance management software or have any questions about FaultFixers, you can book a call with our team to check out our system.

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