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Women in Tech: Interview with Co-founder of Carestockroom

Lesley Lindberg has worked in tech for over 25 years, starting in "digital and innovation" as Vice President of ...

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Lesley Lindberg has worked in tech for over 25 years, starting in "digital and innovation" as Vice President of Marketing - and within two years  progressing to Vice President Global Innovation & Strategic Marketing, for Hertz Rent a Car. 

 With only 3% of VC funding going to all female teams within the past decade (2009 - 2019),  as a natural progression, Lesley is an investor and a co-founder of Carestockroom - the "Amazon meets Mumsnet for professional care leaders" as she likes to call it. 

"Technology can have such a positive impact on users and on the growth of a company. "

Woman in tech and successful entrepreneur, Lesley Lindberg shares her experience so far in tech:

What role are you currently in within tech?

I am an investor and co-founder of the first and fastest-growing online marketplace in social care in the UK.  The Amazon meets Mumsnet for professional care leaders!

What do you do in your role?

As a co-founder of a start-up, I wear lots of hats!  But my main responsibilities are sales, marketing, and seller acquisition.   

 That entails

  • Making sure we have great sellers on our marketplace that fit with our service ethos and provide a full assortment of products for our customers.

  • Ensuring our brand stands out in the market by consistently communicating with our distinctive tone of voice. As well as, aligning ourselves with the issues in the industry and in the lives of our customers.

  • Engaging customers post-sale to provide excellent service and build relationships with them.

What was your first role in tech?

Heading up innovation and digital for a global car rental firm. (I) worked with technology to deliver service solutions to customers globally, (this included) launching new e-commerce storefronts, check-in machines, and car sharing. Ultimately, bringing technology directly to the customer interface.

What did it teach you about being a woman in tech/ workplace?

It taught me that it's not a level playing field. I learned that being myself was the best strategy.   

 Focus on great work and less on pleasing others.   

What does success within your career look like?

Freedom... to choose who I work with, the kind of work I do, and the ability to bring my skills to bear where they are most valued.

Why should women be excited about a career in tech?

Technology can have such a positive impact on users and on the growth of a company. 

 Women who are interested in interpreting customer needs into technology solutions or driving breakthrough performance, which creates a competitive edge should be very excited about working in tech.

Similarly, do you have any advice for women looking to get into a leadership or founding role?

Be brave!
Trust your instinct and make it happen.   
If you don't want to set up a company yourself, find someone you want to work with.  Be open to an organic process....things are always changing and you will too!   
And explore your potential. 


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