Recurring maintenance tasks for care homes

Recurring maintenance tasks can be a useful method to ensure your care homes are safe and comfortable for your residents and staff...
Recurring maintenance tasks for care homes
Written by
Darren Stewart
Published on
April 12, 2023

Care providers will often need to perform recurring maintenance tasks in order to ensure the safety of their residents and staff. With the help of the guidance published by the CQC on health and safety in care homes, providers are able to plan ahead to prevent common injuries. 

We work with many care providers to ensure that their PPM tasks or recurring maintenance tasks are performed on time and by the right people. Before diving into the software and how it can help your care home, we wanted to share with you just some of the common forms and checklists care homes are using to perform PPM tasks. 

Daily maintenance checklist

It is essential to ensure that your properties and care homes are inspected on a daily basis to prevent injury and increase the longevity of assets. We've created a CQC specific daily maintenance care home checklist that your team can start using today. 


It is crucial to inspect wheelchairs that you may have on your sites to prevent injury and ensure residents are comfortable and safe. We have created a monthly wheelchair inspection checklist that you and your teams can start using today available in both excel and PDF formats. 

Hoist and stand aids

Regular inspections including visual and functional checks for hoists and standing aids help to prevent injury. Providers must ensure that LOLER checks are performed regularly and routine maintenance is fulfilled such as replacing damaged parts, lubrication and checking for corrosion and wear.

Bed rails

Unsafe bed rails can cause serious injury and regular inspections and maintenance can help to prevent falls or residents from getting trapped. It is crucial to regularly check gaps, sizing of mattresses and other accessories that might get in the way or tangle. It is also important to perform functional checks on bed rails to ensure they are secure and will prevent falls. 


There are many other recurring maintenance tasks that your teams may have to perform depending on the size of your sites and the individual care plans of your residents. The above sections highlight only some of the most important recurring maintenance tasks however, we are always keen to find out more about how your care homes work. Leave a comment below or get in touch with us to discuss your maintenance needs. 

Find out more about how FaultFixers is making care home maintenance easier for the care industry with recurring maintenance software.

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