Mental Health in the Workplace

At Faultfixers mental health in the workplace is very important to us. Here's ways you can support your employees.
Mental Health in the Workplace
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023
Mental health in the workplace.

Mental health in the workplace should be something that is second nature to employees and employers, however there is still a stigma around it. Checking in with colleagues and really taking the time to listen to each other needs to be encouraged in the workplace. Regardless if someone is struggling with work stress or a more personal problem outside of work, the same care and support should be provided to them from their employer, especially during the current times. 

Throughout the Covid-19 era more people have been struggling with their mental health, varying from anxiety over contracting the virus at work to loneliness through the pandemic. With restrictions easing, discussions about employees returning to the workplace has been a recurring topic of debate. It is important that businesses engage and give their employee a chance to voice any concerns they may have about returning to the office.

Although, speaking openly with your employees can improve mental health in the workplace, there are still over 30% of staff that feel that they are unable to  "to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed.' This demonstrates the importance of employers  encouraging conversations regarding mental health in the workplace.

Here's how to support your employees at work: 

  1. Open conversation 

Having open communication with your colleagues is crucial in creating a safe space for open conversations in the workplace. By simply asking how someone is feeling and creating that open dialogue can give someone the confidence to discuss their mental health and open up with what they are struggling with. As an employer it is important that you are aware of any changes in employees behaviour and then approach conversation in a sensitive, supportive and empathetic way. Additionally, ensure you have regular catch ups with your employees to check in on them and offer them support.

 2. Listen and ensure confidentiality 

When an employee decides to confide in you to discuss their mental wellbeing, it is important that you reassure them that what they disclose is confidential and wont be shared unless necessary and not without consulting them. Every individual struggling with their mental health is different, therefore listening closely to their personal experience, this will allow you to respond in the correct way for them and help with any adjustments in the workplace e.g. flexible hours, mentoring etc.

 3. Encourage a work - life balance

As an employer it is important to set a good example of being able to balance your home life and work life. Being able to separate the two and set boundaries for your day is a positive step in reducing workplace stress and allowing you to switch off and relax.

Another good way to encourage conversation is to do fun activities with your team outside of work, hopefully leading to people opening up and feeling comfortable sharing any mental health struggles they may be facing.

 4. Encourage seeking support

It is great that employees feel that they can openly discuss their mental health struggles with their employers and colleagues, however sometimes that isn’t enough to support them through. As an employer it is important to encourage your team to seek help from professionals e.g. a GP or a mental health charity. In addition, it may be useful for employers themselves to seek advice and support on how to deal with those struggling with their mental health, so they can support them in the best way. 

Everyone struggles with their mental health at some point in their lives, therefore all we can do is provide ears to listen with and shoulders to cry on for those who need. Seeking help and advice from professionals is nothing to be ashamed of and should be encouraged more! Checking in on family, friends and colleagues is so important and not forgetting to look after your own mental wellbeing as well!

If you are struggling and need to talk, below are free listening services:

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