How to maintain a COVID-secure workplace 👷‍♀️

It is essential that businesses are maintaining a COVID-secure workplace to protect our key workers and the vulnerable.
How to maintain a COVID-secure workplace 👷‍♀️
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
May 22, 2023

Although some of us have the ability to work from home, many of us are manning the frontlines. Whether it be working in supermarkets, care homes or hospitals, it is essential that businesses are keeping their workplaces COVID-secure to protect our key workers and the vulnerable.

The following is a snapshot of how you can ensure your workplace is safe and that your maintenance and facilities teams are equipped with the latest guidelines.

Assess the risks

The HSE has provided useful guidance on how to conduct a risk assessment for your workplace. Updating your risk assessment alongside COVID-19 regulations is essential and as an employer, you are required to protect your employees and others from harm. To assess the risks, you must:

  • Identify
  • Think
  • Decide
  • Act

Find out more about risk assessments and what to include in yours by visiting the HSE guidelines here.

Hygiene and disinfecting

It is essential that your workplace is clean and there are enough hygiene stations available for your employees or the public. The following steps should be taken when considering cleaning and hygiene:

  1. Before opening, ensure that your workplace has been cleaned alongside government guidelines. Read our post here on how to keep your workplace clean during COVID19.
  2. Provide easily accessibly sanitising stations including hand sanitisers at entrances and exits with posters and signage for good hand-washing techniques.
  3. Ensure proper ventilation
  4. Procedures for handling goods and merchandise. This can include steps to avoid cash payments where possible.
COVID-Secure Workplace

Social Distancing

It is essential to ensure social distancing measures are being adhered to. Where possible social distancing should be kept at a 2m distance, however, if this is not possible it is acceptable to keep 1m apart with additional safety measures.

We understand that social distancing can often be an arduous task to control however, alternative methods of management can also be used to help mitigate risk. Businesses in the UK are on a mission to provide the public with digital tools that are accessible, easy-to-use and cost-effective. 

Alternatively, book a demo with FaultFixers here and see how our simple maintenance software can support your social distancing measures.

Working from home

Where possible, employees should work from home. Remember that the home environment varies between individuals. While some have access to quiet and motivating working environments, others may struggle with space and additional responsibilities. Ensure you, as an employer, are considerate and accommodating to the unique needs of your employees.

Read our blog here on how to ensure you maintain positive mental health whilst working from home.


Good ventilation helps stop the spread of Coronavirus as it reduced the risk of airborne transmissions. Although an important factor to maintaining a COVID-secure workplace, it is essential that all other guidelines are followed including hygiene control and social distancing measures.

The HSE has prepared the following ventilation and air conditioning guidelines that include guidance on how to improve ventilation whether natural or mechanical.

COVID-Secure Workplace

Workforce Management

If home working is not possible, alongside government cleaning and office maintenance guidelines, it might be worth considering workforce management. Staggering work patterns and shifts can help limit the number of people mixing.

Consider implementing digital solutions for transparent and up-to-date communications with your team.

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