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Guest Post: The benefits of mobile apps for maintenance

There is only one tried and tested way to reduce lost resources, time, and money on preventable problems, and that's ...

There is only one tried and tested way to reduce lost resources, time, and money on preventable problems, and that's regular, efficient and well-organised maintenance. Naturally, that's much easier said than done, and to utilise your resources efficiently, you need to have a well-structured plan, an experienced team and an excellent mobile app that will scale productivity and bring unsuspected benefits to the user. 

Are mobile apps mandatory for maintenance?

The short answer is no. Whatever the maintenance, it can be done offline and outside the digital world as a whole. However, it's like travelling with a one donkey carriage across Europe when you have available planes. To put it mildly, using an app improves the experience for the user and the maintenance crew. For example, keeping your property, whether a private home or commercial space, pest-free is essential. You can do it the old-fashioned way, by taking the big phone book, blowing the dust off its covers in a dramatic manner, going through several dozen providers listed there, calling all of them to check for availability, and finally booking. Or you can just have an app for the whole ordeal. Fantastic Services, one of the biggest pest control services providers in the UK, went big precisely due to their tech-savvy solution, which allows their clients to order a service in just a few clicks while at the same time giving the franchisees a direct, streamlined way of getting customers, confirmations, cancellations, and any other information needed to do their job hassle-free and fast. 

There is more than one reason to use an app for your maintenance needs, and since this post will become unreadably long if I go through them all, here are the 3 most crucial. 

mobile apps for maintenance

Increases productivity

Does this really require explaining? Every time you take some tedious task away from professionals, who are tightly specialised in maintenance services, their productivity rises. After all, if you are a professional customer support representative, you'd need some time to learn and efficiently apply pest-control tactics, for example. Needless to say, a person, who has specialised in catching rats for a living, won't feel as comfortable putting data, taking phone calls with clients and dealing with the whole booking, selling and cancelling part of the business. An app can handle all of this, thus, the provider will raise productivity, not losing time in figuring out where they should put this number and why they should care. 

It saves money, time, and resources

Naturally, when you can schedule a maintenance order by an app, this streamlines the entire process, which reduces the number of people needed to operate your business. This, of course, saves a great deal of money in the process, as wages, bills, office space, and all other sorts of equipment will be redundant. Furthermore, with a good app, there is no need for dispatchers, the sales team will have far more time to figure out how to find new clients instead of booking old ones, and of course, the service provider will know exactly where and when to go, without needing to make a dozen calls in the process. This saves a lot of time, which may go to productivity or at least give the maintenance provider a more agile timeframe between jobs. The app also saves time and effort for the clients, who can book a service with a few clicks instead of wasting time looking for a phone, calling, scheduling, confirming and so on. Furthermore, a sophisticated enough application can send pictures of the problem or even videos, making it much easier for the service provider since they already know what to bring and what to expect. 

Increases brand value

With Gen Y and even Gen Z becoming economically active, being online and tech-savvy becomes not just a tiny bonus but mandatory if you want to get to this fresh new target audience, which looks to outsource all their house choice. Thus a good and handy mobile app will immensely increase your brand's value and will scale all your numbers in the process. Mobile apps are becoming the standard and for a good reason. With the new internet generation well inside the workforce now, a more streamlined process will make the job easier and more appealing, give the brand a shiny new look, and help the brand image as a whole. 

In conclusion, using a mobile app is no longer a luxury for the maintenance services market. It is a must. Mobile applications will make the work of your maintenance providers much easier. You will save money, time and effort, and most importantly, your clients will see you as a tech-savvy company, increasing your interactions and sales.

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