Five ways maintenance software can save you money

While maintenance software can make the life of you and your team much easier, it can also lead to less unnecessary spending. Here are just some benefits.
Five ways maintenance software can save you money
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

We've already had a look at what exactly maintenance software is, so we thought it would be worth running through the savings that can be made with FaultFixers. While maintenance software can make the life of you and your team much easier, it can also lead to less unnecessary spending. Here are just some of the great reasons that you might want to use FaultFixers.

1. Insight into current costs

Maintenance software makes tracking the money you’re already spending much easier, allowing you to make substantial savings with this new and relevant data. The example we always use is a client of ours who was paying an expensive warranty for their industrial washing machines. Once they installed our maintenance software, they found that this wasn't cost-effective as the washing machines were more reliable and less costly to repair than previously thought. They could view the history of individual assets, including the repair and maintenance costs. What kind of cost savings like this could be hidden away in your business?

maintenance software

2. Less asset downtime

FaultFixers is currently rolling out its planned preventative maintenance function, and maintenance software such as this can allow you to create schedules for maintaining key pieces of equipment. This means a more productive site with less faulty equipment, which of course is going to benefit your bottom line.

3. Less overtime

Maintenance software allows users such as night-shift staff to file tickets at any time of day, to be picked up by the assigned individual when and how they want. For your facilities managers, this means fewer phone calls and emails out of the blue and more tasks within working hours.

4. Greater time efficiency for your reporters and users

How much time is currently spent at your business tracking down the members of the facilities management team to report or chase up a site problem? Maintenance software allows anyone that FaultFixers terms ‘reporters’, such as teachers, care workers or tenants, to quickly create tickets that can be picked up by facilities managers smoothly & remotely.

5. Less bureaucracy

Maintenance software dramatically cuts down the number of forms, phone calls and emails that are required for fixing everyday problems. FaultFixers is a paperless system too, reducing costs and making documentation accessible remotely. This can also cut down on transport costs, especially if you’re working from home. All this cuts down on the amount of back-office time required for a compliant, well-organised site.

Paperless maintenance

Hopefully, that gave you a rundown of the opportunities available to those who digitalise their facilities maintenance.

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