What is Maintenance Software, anyway?

Maintenance software is used by most, it not all, facilities and properties businesses. But what is maintenance software & how does it help teams?
What is Maintenance Software, anyway?
Written by
Darren Stewart
Published on
May 22, 2023

You've probably heard buzzwords being used like CMMS, Preventive, Reactive... If you're just starting your journey into Maintenance Software or you've been on the lookout for a while now, we run through some of the essentials in this blog.

What is Maintenance Software, anyway? 

Maintenance software digitises your facility and property management tasks and processes. It is used to track, manage, organise and report on maintenance tasks and teams. 

Some features of Maintenance software can include the management of work orders, requests, scheduling, asset management and depending on the software provider can also include workforce tracking, invoicing and much more.

Maintenance Software

How is maintenance software used?

Reducing costs

Maintenance software offers insight into assets and teams. With a comprehensive overview of the costs of facilities and properties, teams can make informed decisions that save money. 

Fault reporting and logging requests

Providing facilities and properties with a digital solution to fault reporting, work orders and requests.

Workforce management 

The ability to manage teams and workforces through effective scheduling, GPS tracking, time tracking, invoicing, rate cards and more.

Reporting insights

Track metrics, KPIs and improve productivity through analytics and reporting functions.

Storing and organising information

Maintenance software provides teams with the ability to store and organise important documents, sign-offs and data. The ability to house maintenance information provides teams with a digital library of historical data that doesn't get lost.

Planned preventative maintenance 

PPM is essential to maintenance management and maintenance software supports the prevention of asset failure and ensures asset compliance.

Improving communications and productivity

Real-time notifications and work history information make it easier for teams to communicate and increase productivity. 

Traditional vs Digital maintenance management 

Traditionally, facilities and properties teams manage their maintenance requests and processes through paper-based methods. Fault reporting and logging were often found in filing cabinets alongside workforce invoices, rates and scheduling. Some have adapted by designing detailed excel spreadsheets and tailoring real-time notifications with apps and automation. 

Maintenance software, designed for simplicity and built with features catered to specific teams condenses traditional methods into a one-stop platform. 

Who uses maintenance software?

Anyone who manages facilities and/or properties can use maintenance software to streamline operations and ultimately reduce overall costs. 

Maintenance Managers / Property Managers 

Use maintenance software to oversee maintenance requests and manage the maintenance workforce. 

  • Schedule work orders and assign team members 
  • Organise and manage reported faults at multiple properties 
  • Communicate with teams and reporters in real-time with live notifications
  • Store and organise forms, checklists and important documents
  • Optimise maintenance management processes 

Business Owners

Use maintenance software to oversee the overall maintenance processes and plug any gaps. 

  • Optimise maintenance management processes 
  • Store important documents and asset histories
  • Oversee labour costs 
  • Manage multiple properties and facilities in one place 

Technicians / Outsourced Maintenance Teams 

Use maintenance software to receive work orders and maintenance requests in real-time.

  • Respond to fault reports 
  • Communicate with team members and reporters in real-time
  • Provide rate cards and store invoices 


Can use maintenance software to report and record any maintenance faults by asset or property.

  • Live fault reporting with photo or video evidence 
  • Progress reports and live notifications
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