FaultFixers: facilities management software for schools

The importance of facilities management software for schools and why it's now required now more than ever.
FaultFixers: facilities management software for schools
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

Facilities management software for schools is essential as good teaching cannot take place in a run-down site. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the importance of physical classrooms clear and the enthusiasm of education leadership to get pupils back in the classroom has emphasised this. Studies show that students learn better in well-ventilated, well-lit classrooms. It's therefore surprising that teachers will persist with teaching in classrooms with broken lighting, poor ventilation or other defects. This is often not even due to budgetary concerns - filing complaints is often too bureaucratic and not worth busy teachers’ time. A specialist facilities management software for schools is therefore required for the smooth running of your educational establishment.

"The physical environment in schools is a very essential parameter of the learning progress of the  pupils." - Peter Foldbjerg

A healthy and safe environment is paramount to the student learning experience and the advancement of digital solutions on the market aims to optimise student experiences. With this focus on the student experience, education providers are looking to advance their digital repertoire with technologies that provide good ROI and support the daily operations of schools. 


Facilities management software for schools

Facilities management software for schools streamlines the facilities management process and ensures teachers' time is not being wasted chasing up minor building problems when they should be focused on educating their pupils. FaultFixers allows teachers to quickly file reports about their classrooms on their phones and have them sent immediately to the facilities management team. They can track the progress of their tickets, meaning they no longer need to hassle facilities management. Teachers can see whether a ticket has been picked up yet, what action is currently being undertaken and how close the problem is to being fixed, all from their phones.

Facilities management software for schools is not just a boon for teaching staff, but also has huge benefits for the facilities team too. They can get hold of exactly the information they need, rather than a vaguely worded email chain. The reporter can attach photos and videos to the tickets and categorise them to reduce miscommunication. They can also use QR codes to attach tickets to particular assets. This means that you can start your work with all the essential information at hand and with the right teacher automatically copied in; a massive improvement on previous email or paper-based systems.

Additionally, there are many benefits for facilities teams in schools that use maintenance software to reduce site carbon footprints in the push towards greener learning environments. A digital maintenance system can provide facilities and maintenance teams with relevant insights into unused assets, unnecessary waste and dangerous leaks.

Teacher fault reporting app

Facilities management software for schools is particularly useful if you're trying to minimise social contact between members of staff and pupils, as it means teachers can file reports and facilities managers can deal with faults without having to communicate in person. This means that if you're currently using an old-fashioned system, it's better to switch to facilities management software for schools now rather than having your hand forced down the line by another COVID outbreak or other pandemic.

School Maintenance Software is particularly useful for schools who are looking to implement a digital or automated system to manage all maintenance and facilities operations including asset tracking, fault reporting and team scheduling and assignment. 

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