Coworking management software for maintenance set for a boom

Coworking management software is predicted to grow by 2.1% in 2021 as workers return to offices post-COVID. They are now looking to work more flexibly.
Coworking management software for maintenance set for a boom
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

The coworking management software sector is bouncing back after a rough period for offices and their suppliers. While the COVID-19 pandemic hit the office sector hard, coworking businesses are now reporting an increase in members. There is a predicted growth rate of 2.1% for coworking spaces in 2021 as businesses introduce flexible working policies. In facilities management, it is more urgent than ever that we do our bit to ensure the safety of our members, especially if strict distancing measures return. 

Coworking Management Software

Coworking management software for maintenance ensures social distancing compliance, as it enables the smooth running of offices as managers work remotely. The evidence so far suggests that office workers are keen to get back to working in the same space as their teammates. But with the turbulence in the sector over the past year or so, property managers should organise their processes to ensure that they’re both COVID-compliant and profitable, especially as occupancy levels might fluctuate in the near future. 

The COVID-19 pandemic takes coworking management software from a useful improvement to an essential requirement. It makes it possible to monitor problems on the go, and respond to tickets filed by tenants throughout the day, including out of hours. It makes sharing the data amongst distant teams much easier and automation of the simpler elements of property management possible. As it’s paperless and comes with high-quality customer service teams, it can adapt to changing circumstances. 

Coworking management software

As the coworking sector grows, the surrounding coworking management software also has to change. It needs to be more adjustable and scalable, as fewer and fewer office workers work in a single central office five days a week, at the same row of desks, with a receptionist on the door. Logbooks and sign-in sheets could just about get by in this environment but a more flexible, digital solution is now needed. Coworking management software designed for maintenance operations, such as FaultFixers, ensures that property managers can stay on top of their facilities tasks in an ever-changing world.

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