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Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Pubs

Running a pub can be demanding at times, especially when your equipment and assets keep breaking unexpectedly. 

Running a pub can be demanding at times, especially when your equipment and assets keep breaking unexpectedly. 

That is why preventative maintenance is essential for a successful maintenance strategy . 

What is preventative maintenance (PM)? 

Preventive maintenance (PM) is the routine maintenance of assets, as well as equipment, to ensure they are working correctly and continue to do so.

PM also prevents future expenses from unexpected equipment failure.

preventative maintenance for pubs

Here are benefits of preventative maintenance for pubs:

Routine Maintenance can prevent the breakdown of equipment

Scheduling routine maintenance reduces the chances of your equipment breaking down during pivotal moments, such as your TV breaking down while a big football match is on- you don't want that do you? 

Preventative maintenance not only gives you an ease of mind as you can rely on your equipment and assets, but you can also prevent small issues developing into bigger expenses in the future.  

You can attract more customers 

When your pub is running smoothly, more people are likely to choose your pub over your competitor who's toilets are constantly out of order, or a competitor who's air con is broken right in the peak of summer... 'sign'.

Therefore, keeping on top of your equipment and assets is important for the reputation of your pub.  

Pubs can schedule service with CMMS

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to find problems prior to them occurring- it's risk management for your equipment and assets. 

To do that successfully, you have to track when your last service was, and schedule in the next service. While, that may sound tiresome amongst the day-to-day running of your pub... it really isn't.

Because a CMMS does it for you. 

A CMMS, like Faultfixers, allows you to track, manage, organise and report on maintenance tasks and teams within your pub - so incorporating preventative maintenance into your management plan is even easier.

Get a maintenance checklist for your pub to start your preventive maintenance journey today.

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