A Beginners Guide to a CMMS (you've been looking for)

Unsure whether a CMMS is right for? Here's a beginners guide to a CMMS.
A Beginners Guide to a CMMS (you've been looking for)
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023


What is a CMMS? 

A CMMS, also referred to as a computerised maintenance management system, is a software program that helps businesses

- manage

- automate

- and streamline their maintenance operations. 

What does that mean for your business? 

You are able to track all your maintenance tasks, and ensure each task is dealt with efficiently. 

Features of a CMMS

- Work Order Management

A CMMS helps you create, complete, and track digital work orders by allowing you to:

  • Submit, review, filter, assign, and analyse work orders.
  • Schedule and trigger maintenance.
  • Get alerts when work orders are created.
  • Add checklists, manuals, and notes to work orders.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

You are able to create calendar-based planned maintenance tasks, which allows you to schedule maintenance throughout your facility.

With regular checks you can prevent equipment failure and maintain full compliance all the time.

Real-Time Notifications

A CMMS allows you to automate all communications and updates to your teams, customers, contractors – you name it! 

Custom Checklists & Digital Forms

With this feature, you are able to Instantly create digital checklists and forms, completing them on-the-go and storing them in your account.

You never have to worry about loosing another 3rd party certificate or compliance document with digital storage, easily search when you need it.

Fault Reporting

Anyone has the ability to report maintenance issues straight to the relevant team (e.g. staff, customers, contractors). This includes receiving pictures/ video of the issues for faster & smarter resolutions.

Check out our Features & Product Guide to find out more about what we offer at FaultFixers. 

Benefits of a CMMS

Some of the benefits of a CMMS include: 

  • An increase of productivity

With automative customer updates, and team notifications, the productivity gains are unmatched. 

  • Organise maintenance scheduling

You can schedule any task you have, whether that's replacing a broken chair or scheduling maintenance on a blocked sink-a CMMS assists a facility by simplifying maintenance scheduling. 

To make the scheduling process even more useful for your business, a CMMS, like Faultfixers, allows you to schedule task across your workforce based on their dynamic availability, skill, location etc.

  • See Asset information in real time

The computerised maintenance management software enables the user to view their assets, with personalisation like colour- coding as well as the ability to assign symbols to your assets, your business is able to get a clear overview of each assets health status. This means it is easier for you to figure out problem areas within a facility. 

  • Management of work orders and requests

A CMMS can manage and organise your work order, including labour and other expenses. 

  • Reduces pressure from the maintenance team

Another benefit is that a CMMS automates the constant flow of data, this reduces pressure from the maintenance team as they no longer have to rely solely on memory, which means they can focus on high priority tasks instead. 

Check out the environmental benefits of a CMMS

I don't know how to use a CMMS-how will I be supported?

A lot of companies offer training, but with an additional cost.

BUT, Faultfixers believe if we are offering you a product, at the very least we should help you use it... for FREE

Therefore, training is available when onboarding with a CMMS.

This includes: 

  • Kick-off Call
  • PPM Setup
  • Forms Setup
  • Signoff Call

And yes it's completely FREE, including any additional Ad Hoc training whenever you or your team needs it at no additional cost!


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