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4 Ways to know if your maintenance plan needs an update

It can be hard to know exactly when your maintenance plan needs to change or be updated, especially if you are stuck in ...

It can be hard to know exactly when your maintenance plan needs to change or be updated, especially if you are stuck in a routine that you have been carrying out for a while. Ensuring that you have the correct maintenance plan will help to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. A good maintenance plan needs to be able to cover planned and reactive maintenance in order to be suitable for different types of equipment. 

Here are 4 ways to know if your maintenance plan needs to be updated:

1. Is your maintenance plan outdated?

Is your current maintenance plan old fashioned and not taking full advantage of the benefits of technology?  If you are still tracking maintenance using log books or confusing spreadsheets it might be time for an update. Using a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) will digitalise all of your maintenance tasks and processes.

Another benefit of updating your maintenance plan will be that you can keep track of your maintenance from anywhere and anyone who needs to access it will be able to. Moving away from a paper based maintenance plan to a digital one will bring many benefits to your business.

2. Is your budget increasing?

Is your maintenance budget increasing and you don't know why? This may be the time to re-evaluate your maintenance plan and make some adjustments.

If your expenses are growing but you have not added any assets to your plan or you haven’t had any emergency maintenance costs then you need to update your plan to help you make the best savings and reduce your costs.

3. Are you receiving complaints?

Has there been an increase in complaints from customers, clients or even your own staff?

If this is the case now might be the time to change your maintenance plan. Customer service is essential for any business but it is also crucial that your staff find managing maintenance simple and easy to carry out. It’s very important to make sure you are listening to your customers and your staff to really understand what can be improved to make customers and staff happy with the maintenance plan in operation. 

4. Is your equipment failing more frequently?

Are you finding that your equipment has been needing more frequent repairs or has been failing more often than expected?

This may be because the maintenance plan you have in place is not as efficient as it could be, and therefore needs to be updated. Every piece of equipment will have its faults and will break down at times, however, equipment should be able to run to failure the majority of the time. By updating your maintenance plan you can ensure that more regular maintenance checks can be carried out to reduce the chance of emergency maintenance costs.

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