Hallmark Care Homes opted to future-proof its maintenance management by going digital

Hallmark Care Homes used FaultFixers' digital maintenance management to reduce incidents, increase productivity, and minimize third-party operators while protecting against COVID-19 spread.
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Hallmark Care Homes opted to future-proof its maintenance management by going digital with our care home maintenance software.

Steve Brine, Estates Manager at Hallmark Care Homes needed a robust and simple digital solution to maintenance management that would help support social distancing during a crucial time.

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As a family-run provider of care homes across the UK, we understand the importance of nurturing relationships and so all of our care is centred around family values. We have 19 care homes across the country, filled with innovative facilities and supported by a dedicated care team for a comfortable stay alongside the highest quality care available.

The Challenge

Estates Manager, Steve Brine needed a digital solution to maintenance management, prompted by the pandemic, to support social distancing and help stop the spread of COVID-19 within their 19 care homes.

Hallmark was searching for innovative maintenance management software that would be effective as well as simple and easy-to-use.

The Impact

Hallmark Care Homes have already seen a financial benefit by preventing recurring incidents in their homes and the effective management of their assets. With FaultFixers, Hallmark has been able to reduce the number of third-party maintenance operators visiting homes ensuring the protection and continuous comfort of their residents.

“The data side of it was very limited as everything was paper-based. The ability I have now with FaultFixers is I open it up first thing in the morning and I can see everything that has happened while I was away. It's been incredibly valuable as I can now offer advice to the team on how someone else fixed something in another building very quickly. With the data I have now, I honestly don't know how we were efficient without it."
Estates Manager, Hallmark Care Homes, Steve Brine

Digital Maintenance Management

Hallmark Care Homes have opted out of paper-based maintenance management and instead adopt a digital solution for much-needed oversight, visibility and drive for innovation. Since implementing FaultFixers, Hallmark Care Homes have already seen a reduction in overall costs by reducing recurring incidents as well as an evident increase in productivity across the maintenance teams.

Protection and safety

A priority for Hallmark was the protection and safety of its team and residents. With the rise of COVID-19, there was an increased risk of cross-contamination through a paper-based maintenance process alongside a need for outside maintenance operatives. With the FaultFixers care home maintenance software, Hallmark was able to reduce the need for third-party operators visiting homes and prevent cross-contamination by working solely on the FaultFixers digital app

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