Digitalising schools and saving budget with nifty technology

Digitalising schools and saving budget with nifty technology
PPM Tasks

The school’s business manager, Justin Watson, is a keen tech-enthusiast and is always looking for the latest solutions and applications to digitalise the school’s processes that help save money.

School maintenance software for a busy team

Based in Tottenham, North London, Bruce Grove Primary and Nursery School has 60 staff and 423 pupils. Their well looked after premises and facilities comprises of 5 buildings, spread across 4 sites, most of which are Victorian-period and therefore require a high degree of maintenance, upkeep and TLC.

The Challenge

With budgets being a key issue for all schools, Bruce Grove had found it increasingly challenging to keep on top of its maintenance tasks whilst still improving their facilities & premises. They ideally wanted a solution to digitally manage these tasks and organise their facilities team, but wasn’t able to find an affordable solution.

The Impact

Working with FaultFixers, Bruce Grove has consolidated 5 separate systems into 1, saving costs (502% ROI), eliminating complex spreadsheets, resolving issue quicker, created a safer environment, and improved compliance during inspections.

The Head Teacher particularly likes that it gives us a clear overview of our estates, which has made our recent H&S inspection easy and pain-free.
School Business Manager, Bruce Grove Justin Watson

Technology that makes school maintenance simple and easy 🚀

Most schools in the UK, whether they are small single-site premises or large multi-site estates, will manage their facilities and maintenance in-house to save costs.

School Maintenance is often regarded as the ‘ugly duckling’ process, and with an average of 307 reactive issues and more than 500+ planned maintenance tasks each year, in reality it’s a massive operation to oversee, and the second largest expense after staff.

Bruce Grove is no different. The School’s Business Manager, Justin Watson, got in touch with FaultFixers because he was searching for a maintenance solution where:

  • Staff can snap photos of issues or request stock in seconds;
  • The premises team can log, track, and resolve issues on-the-go via mobile;
  • It keeps a full audit history of the issue outlining times and dates of actions;
  • Checklists and Forms can be completed digitally and stored safely in the cloud (for free!); and
  • It’s easy to keep on top of everything helping him to have peace of mind when it managing the school premises.

FaultFixers has been working with Bruce Grove since March 2019, and the system has already proven to be a valuable resource for both Staff and Management.

Staff have found it much easier to report potentially dangerous issues that arise throughout the normal course of a day, and where Staff previously had to sit down and send an email to Justin, they can now report the issue(s), directly to him and the premises team, along with a photo, to help faster resolutions and keep the school safe for all.

In most cases, a teacher can report an issue in 30 seconds and it can be made safe by the caretaker within 5 minutes.

In October 2019, Bruce Grove underwent a periodic Health & Safety Review. As the School had been logging all their incidents and school maintenance issues within FaultFixers throughout the year, the use of the system has been well-received and regarded as a smart adoption of technology to make reporting and inspections 10x easier.

FaultFixers has helped Bruce Grove across many levels, not just with keeping their maintenance operations running smoothly. As FaultFixers is continually evolving and delivering new updates, the latest technology looks set to continue saving costs and modernising outdated processes.

Immediate Benefits

✅  Fault Reporting & Cost Savings

Allows staff to quickly and easily report issues with photos directly to the caretaker/facilities team.

✅  Made Inspections Easy

Give access to inspectors to show them your good work and efficient management.

✅  Maintenance Dashboard

Run reports, monitor KPIs, and see all your maintenance tasks in one clear view – absolute peace of mind

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