A digital solution to care home maintenance

Morris Care nursing homes have digitized their maintenance management with FaultFixers software, resulting in a 40% reduction in completion time and an average £2,000 per month of cost savings.
Reduction in Completion Time
£24k p.a.
Cost Savings
Paper Logbooks

Morris Care opted to future-proof its maintenance management by going digital. Drew Schofield, Transformation Manager at Morris Care saw an opportunity to reduce costs and streamline internal processes by working with the team at FaultFixers.

A loving, sociable place to live

Morris Care Nursing Homes are not just places to live, they are a home from home and somewhere to be comfortable and cared for. Their Care Homes in Cheshire and Shropshire enjoy being part of their local communities and take pride in their reputation for offering not only clinical excellence but warm, friendly and sociable environments where residents' health and happiness sit at the heart of the Home.

The Challenge

The maintenance teams at Morris Care were using excel spreadsheets, logbooks and phones to manage their entire maintenance processes. Morris Care was looking for the perfect digital solution for the day-to-day healthcare maintenance management of their care homes across six sites.

The Impact

Keeping track of maintenance issues all in one, easy-to-use platform has positively impacted Morris Care. Savings on time and money has allowed their teams to focus more on the comfort and care of their residents and less on the stress of spreadsheets and logbooks. They are now able to identify issues before they become a problem.

“FaultFixers is just one of a number of new platforms we’re adding to our digital capabilities to ensure our Nursing Homes stay safe and compliant. Our maintenance teams are finding the platform really easy to use and its saving them time too. As a business, it means we get complete oversight of our Homes, ensuring we can plan work streams and identify potential issues before they become a problem.”

Transformation Manager, Morris Care, Drew Schofield

Streamlined Maintenance Management

Morris Care has ditched excel spreadsheets and filing cabinets for one, easy-to-use mobile and desktop app. Since implementing FaultFixers, Morris Care has seen a huge 40% reduction in completion time per maintenance request and saved a whopping £2,000 per month in maintenance costs.

Protection and safety

Morris Care continues to ensure its residents and staff are safe and comfortable even during these difficult times. With COVID-19 dominating headlines, Morris Care takes a leap forward by enforcing social distancing protocols and practising rigorous health & safety upkeep, all with the help of FaultFixers.

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