Maintenance Checklist

Annual School Maintenance Checklist

We created an example annual maintenance checklist for schools for you to use.
Annual School Maintenance Checklist

Annual School Maintenance Example

Annual maintenance for a school can be a daunting task. We've compiled a list of example annual maintenance tasks that can be undertaken at a school estate. You can use this checklist to build your own annual school maintenance plan. You can also check out the daily school maintenance checklist we put together.

An example checklist:

  • Review log of maintenance issues and check whether issues have been resolved
  • Inspect and repair outdoor play equipment
  • Contractor to inspect fixed sports and gym equipment
  • Check driving licences of any staff operating school vehicles for any penalties that might affect insurance
  • Send all school vehicles for MOT and servicing
  • Service lightning conductors (including electrically tested by a competent person)
  • A full duration test is carried out for lighting systems
  • Inspect and repair all internal and external finishes, including tiling, masonry and paintwork
  • Competent person to test any items of frequently used or high-risk portable electrical equipment (PAT testing)
  • Competent person to service electronic powered gates and doors
  • Inspect fixed wiring and all distribution boards and safety devices
  • Inspect ladders (and other equipment used for working at height) and review ladder register and checklist
  • Service fixed electrical installations in swimming pools
  • Contractor to inspect and safety test all gas appliances, including gas boilers
  • Clean and service boiler flues and chimneys
  • Contractor to pressure-test gas pipework
  • Contractor to test gas appliances and gas soundness for gas safety certificate
  • Contractor to inspect oil supply pipes and tanks
  • Contractor to inspect pressure vessels, such as gas cylinders
  • Conduct visual inspection of liquefied petroleum gas tanks, including above-ground pipework, fittings and emergency control valves, for damage and corrosion
  • Inspect and repair cold water distribution pipework, pumps, cold water storage tanks and insulation
  • Check pipework is adequately insulated to prevent freezing
  • Check water temperature in cold water storage tanks and incoming mains supply
  • Drain and clean water storage tanks and cylinders
  • Service and disinfect base exchange water softeners
  • Inspect and service hot water blending valves and inspect hot water calorifiers internally for damage
  • Check waste pipes, surface water drainage and above-ground drainage systems for damage and blockages
  • Review water risk assessment and ensure previous actions have been carried out
  • Carry out fire risk assessment or assessment review and check that actions have been carried out
  • Competent person to inspect and maintain firefighting equipment (including fire extinguishers, sprinkler system, fire blankets, hose reels)
  • Contractor to service fire alarm system
  • Facilities for the fire service maintained and tested (including dry risers, access for emergency vehicles, emergency switches for installations)
  • Check school evacuation plan is up to date
  • Conduct accessibility audit and update access management plan
  • Audit risk assessments to ensure they are fit for purpose; create, update or replace as necessary
  • Review care plans for individuals with complex medical needs
  • Deliver a general health and safety briefing to all staff
  • Ensure that first aiders’ training is up to date and ensure refresher courses have been completed by those that require them
  • Service oil- and gas-powered heaters
  • Service powered ventilation
  • Service local exhaust ventilation such as fume cupboards and wood dust extraction systems
  • Inspect air conditioning for ‘certification inspection’
  • Service catering equipment and check safety valves
  • Review inventory of chemicals
  • Asbestos surveyor to re-inspect school site and carry out risk assessment
  • Ensure asbestos management plan is up to date
  • Service goods lifts and hoists
  • Inspect and repair outbuildings
  • Inspect any residential accommodation, including caretaker’s housing
  • Check all relevant commissioning, testing and inspection certificates are stored safely and are up to date
  • Review tree safety survey report for outstanding actions
  • Review all storage arrangements, including those of gas bottles and highly flammable materials
  • Conduct general health and safety audit and ensure actions from previous year’s audit and governors’ termly health and safety check have been completed

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We created an example annual maintenance checklist for schools for you to use.
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