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What is maintenance software for hotels?

What is maintenance software for hotels? Hotels have heavily relied on technologies both before and during the pandemic ...

What is maintenance software for hotels?

Hotels have heavily relied on technologies both before and during the pandemic with booking software systems and comparison sites becoming more prominent. Smart technologies, robots and AI are also beginning to become commonplace as hoteliers embrace new technologies to enhance the guest experience. 

"We look at technology as something that enhances the humanity, not to replace the humanity." - Elie Maalouf, CEO of the Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group

With an ocean of innovative tech designed for hotels and hospitality, it can be an overwhelming task to prioritise the needs of each individual hotel. Hotel tech report says "49% of hoteliers are prioritising upgrades to revenue-related software and operations-enhancing software in 2021." There is also more emphasis on technology that helps to reduce overall costs and increases efficiency. 

"They [softwares] have to increase productivity and efficiency because we owe that to our customers and owners" - Elie Maalouf, CEO of the Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group

One solution supporting hoteliers to increase productivity and efficiency is maintenance software. Maintenance software for hotels is the central system for all maintenance and facilities operations and is often integral to the day-to-day running of hotels and properties. It offers a 360 view of maintenance and facilities-related tasks, tickets and assignments from initially reporting a fault to ensuring the smooth operation of scheduled tasks. Hotel Maintenance Software

Scheduling for hotels

Scheduling tools and systems help to reduce confusion and save precious administration time. A digital scheduling system allows hoteliers to efficiently create and distribute work schedules according to team availability and overall requirements. 

A digital tool can also be useful for any team scheduling amendments or last-minute switches meaning these can be added or updated right away and distributed immediately. SchedulerMain

Want to see it in action? Take a free tour of the FaultFixers maintenance software today.

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Preventative maintenance for hotels

Maintenance software for hotels provides a unique opportunity for hoteliers to keep up-to-date with important maintenance and facilities tasks and deploy a preventative maintenance strategy that will help to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Asset downtime can interfere with the overall guest experience and therefore an effective preventative maintenance strategy can help to ensure assets are working at maximum capacity and that any urgent maintenance faults are dealt with quickly. 

Maintenance software can also be used to track and monitor hotel assets such as monitors, furniture, lighting, gym equipment and so on... A digital asset register offers hoteliers and maintenance teams crucial oversight of all tracked assets and provides insight into how to optimise spending and reduce risk. 

"Not only does this keep a tab on all the hotel's maintenance equipment, but also avoids unnecessary repairs." - Lillian Connors, hospitalitynet

To get started with preventative maintenance, we've created a hotel maintenance checklist completely free to download and use. 


Tackle environmental issues and waste

As climate change accelerates, businesses are looking for solutions to help tackle waste and reduce carbon footprints. Hotels and accommodation providers are no exception as they strive to improve environmental standards by implementing new processes and investing in technology. 

Much can be done to help reduce hotel waste such as identifying key areas where waste is above average and improving daily operations to tackle unnecessary waste.  

Voice reporting and enhancing the guest experiences 

Hoteliers are welcoming the next generation of guests with unique offerings and digital experiences. In recent years, we've seen a wave of hospitality businesses begin to provide alternative spaces such as co-working spaces, cafes and restaurants. As hotel businesses become more varied, technology has evolved to help plug any process holes ensuring smooth daily operations. With the development of technology and implementation into everyday lives, hotels are now beginning to invest in voice-activated services such as in-room Alexa devices. 

To find out more about how FaultFixers for Hotel Maintenance Software can help your hotel, Airbnb or property with accurate maintenance reporting take a free tour today.

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