Maintenance management features: How you can make FaultFixers yours...

With Faultfixers maintenance management features you can personalise the app to your business needs.
Maintenance management features: How you can make FaultFixers yours...
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

We built FaultFixers with robust maintenance management features but we also had your business in mind. We wanted to create a product that not only performs well but a product that you can make your own. 

Whether you are a care home, school or property developer when you join FaultFixers you will have access to a range of customisable features and tools that will WOW your customers and ensure your brand(s) is protected. 

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maintenance management features
maintenance management features

Your FaultFixers dashboard

As a FaultFixers user, you are able to reorder your main dashboard in order of importance. A simple interface feature like this can help to optimise your workload and save you time looking for the right information. 

maintenance management features

Organise your data

You can organise all of your data by moving columns, using filters (as seen below) or using specific searches. Export the data you need when you need it directly to a CSV so you never have to spend hours finding the right data again. 

Faultfixers maintenance app. Faultfixers personalisation.


We do not stop there, check out the rest of our FEATURES. 

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