How maintenance software can help secure your company's data

All the ways FaultFixers, a maintenance software company, can help make your company and it's data more secure.
How maintenance software can help secure your company's data
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
April 12, 2023

Using maintenance software for your facilities management is a great move, not only from an efficiency standpoint, but also for your company's data security. If you're storing essential information about your company on paper, or in unsecured spreadsheets, then bringing your information into a maintenance software system like FaultFixers is a great step in making your company more secure.

In modern apps and web pages, all data is encrypted. This means you safely transfer data between different sites or members of staff without worrying about the unnecessary data loss caused by passing along scraps of paper or using messy, unsynchronised spreadsheets. All these can also get easily misplaced or seen by the wrong eyes, whereas maintenance software keeps the information tightly controlled within an app. Along with the obvious security benefits of this new system, it also means your team will be more productive and may save money.

data security

With FaultFixers your data is not shared with anyone, and is stored in an online system that only you can access. You decide which individuals can use the maintenance software, and the level of control and access they have. FaultFixers has two core levels of access - users, who can see and change things, and reporters, who are only able to file tickets and observe their progress. Users are generally facilities managers or operations directors, whereas reporters can be anyone from nursing staff to teachers to residents themselves.

Maintenance software is secure from the dangers of loss or damage, unlike paper records. With your data stored virtually and remotely, you no longer have to worry about keeping paper archives safe, or the chance that your legionella testing records might be blown away by a strong gust of wind!

Maintenance security

Data breaches are now something that is sadly all too common. It could be down to a miss-shared spreadsheet or a misplaced sheet of paper, but if your facilities management system is loose and uncoordinated it is bound to happen. Tightly controlled, automated maintenance software helps reduce the chances of this by minimising the number of times that data passes out of the system, and by reducing the chances of papers being left lying around.

This should give you a brief overview of the importance of data security, and the ways maintenance software can support it. If you'd like a more in-depth overview of our particular product, then take a tour of the FaultFixers software.

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