Environmental benefits of maintenance software

Maintenance software is good for the environment. Find out how FaultFixers can help save the environment and money when you switch to their software.
Environmental benefits of maintenance software
Written by
Tom O'neill
Published on
May 22, 2023

Maintenance software provides a simple solution to anyone in the facilities management who is aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. Many industries moved to shared online documents and dedicated communication platforms a while ago but facilities management is still reliant on logbooks, print-outs and physical presence on site. Becoming more environmentally friendly is now easier and expected for modern companies. It isn't just a selfless argument either - it also includes a host of other great benefits.

The most obvious green advantage of moving to maintenance software is that you can go entirely paperless. 35% of all trees cut down are used to make paper and although recycling has an impact, a digital solution might be a more environmentally friendly alternative. You can get rid of paper logbooks, checklists and forms if you switch. Many existing features can be replicated in our maintenance software and the onboarding team will digitise your assets and lists for you. FaultFixers does allow for paper print-outs of its forms and tickets though, for the rare occasion paper is still required.

Paper waste

Younger generations care deeply about being part of and purchasing from an ethical and environmentally aware company. While your business may regard environmental concerns as a "nice to have", millennials and Gen Z customers now avoid companies that don't have strong ESG (ethical, social and governance) practices. They now take up a larger part of the market and are more comfortable with digital solutions.

Some more subtle benefits of maintenance software are lowering your carbon emissions from travel and therefore saving costs on fuel. In the last year, we've become increasingly aware of what can be done remotely and what can't. If you switch to digital logbooks and reports, they become accessible anywhere. The maintenance software features allow you to deal with tickets and attach photos and videos from your phone. This means that visiting a site simply to look at a problem and forward it to the right person is no longer required. With the government cracking down on petrol & diesel cars, minimising your car use is good for the environment, cheaper, and protects you from the variations in government policy. You'll also spend less time in the traffic!

Facilities management environmental benefits

Maintenance software also comes with a host of other benefits covered in other FaultFixers blog posts - it can save you time & money, aid in regulatory compliance and is a more secure way to store information. If you're interested in hearing more about what FaultFixers can do for the environmental impact of your business, get in touch with our friendly team.

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