Benefits Of Digitising Maintenance Management

We take a look at how companies manage their assets, equipment, and facilities plays a crucial role in operations by digitising maintenance management.
Benefits Of Digitising Maintenance Management
Written by
Darren Stewart
Published on
April 24, 2023

While not always the most celebrated aspect of business, maintenance management is essential for a business to thrive. How companies and organisations manage their assets, equipment, and facilities plays a crucial role in operations. 

One of the best ways to improve maintenance management is to digitise it. Many people might think that digital maintenance management isn’t common, but 66% of teams use computerised maintenance management software to track their maintenance programs.

But just how does digitising maintenance management help a company? Here are some compelling benefits to prove that point.

1. Save Time and Resources

A CMMS or computerised maintenance management system can help organisations save time and resources. These tools automate reporting, maintenance schedules, and work order management. As a result, companies become more efficient and teams more productive. With efficiency and productivity then comes several improvements to overall operations and even profitability.

Moreover, predictive maintenance analytics in maintenance management systems help automate preventive maintenance plans. When a maintenance department lapses on preventive maintenance, it could lead to equipment damage. A CMMS helps you avoid that from happening.

2. Better Team Management

Maintenance management software is a great solution for facilities and maintenance team management. With more efficient work orders and team schedule management, a company or facility’s maintenance team becomes more equipped to keep tabs on an organisation’s assets. 

Take the example of hotels and hospitality businesses. When using a CMMS to manage facility teams, hotel managers and supervisors can better juggle maintenance in a way that doesn’t overwhelm their manpower. 

Leaders can also use team management features to track employee output and use that to evaluate performance. With team management systems in CMMS, companies can objectively assess maintenance team performance. The same can apply for outside suppliers that teams contract for third-party maintenance.

3. Mobility 

With the help of mobile apps for maintenance management, a company’s maintenance can also have more mobility. This is also great for teams that handle multiple facilities in different locations. 

Besides maintenance management systems, teams can also use other solutions that integrate seamlessly with their digitised processes. Another great example would be ProntoForms, which makes data gathering easier through mobile forms. Companies can track, analyse, and improve processes across company operations. This tool also helps document feedback and information that companies can convert into operable material to help in decision making and feedback.

4. Smart Data and Analytics

Data analytics in maintenance empowers facilities management teams to make more informed decisions. A CMMS gathers, manages, and interprets data in a way that teams can use to streamline management and operations. 

Some of the data points that maintenance management software can help track include the following: 

  • System breakdowns
  • Work orders completed
  • Costs of repairs and maintenance
  • Man hours
  • Repair and/or maintenance time
  • Lease terms
  • Accounting data
  • And so on

Better data collection means more informed decision-making. By removing the guessing game in management, companies and managers can make good judgment calls on maintenance and facilities management, including when to acquire and when to repair, the best workflows, maintenance schedules management, and so on.

5. Happier Clients

When companies and organisations digitize facility and maintenance management, it’s not just internal teams that feel the difference. The company’s clients and customers feel it too. Take the example of residential properties like flats. Facilities management plays a crucial role in homeowner happiness. When property managers deploy digitised systems that ensure their common facilities are in top shape, tenants and unit owners will have lesser issues and lesser complaints, as a result.

This type of ripple effect occurs all across various industries. Better healthcare facility management leads to excellent care for patients. Hotel and restaurant facilities management results in efficient kitchens and great front-of-houses. Schools with great facilities management lead to better facilities for students. In all those cases, clients and customers come out happier.

6. Streamline Operations

At the core of facilities management is one goal— to streamline operations. This results in so many other benefits. For one, it removes complexities that cause confusion and bottlenecks in facilities management. The amount of time your company could save if you could pinpoint issues in equipment because you kept detailed logs in a CMMS would be significant.

Better operations also require streamlining all across the board. You could consider using enterprise resource planning to integrate facilities management with other departments in an organisation. If you’re looking for an ERP solution, check out this list of the top ERP system examples available.

Digital is the Way to Go

The CMMS industry could reach $1.5 billion in valuation by 2025, proving that more facilities, companies, and organizations will continue digitising maintenance functions. If you haven’t taken this route because you’re not sure if digital solutions will stay, you should know that there’s no turning back from digitization. These benefits should solidify that stance. 

So if you want to experience these benefits and more, it’s time to consider digitising your maintenance management.

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