February 21, 2022

Your security

Your security: We’ve been applying several security patches behind the scenes, which is why you’ll have been logged out

Your security: We’ve been applying several security patches behind the scenes, which is why you’ll have been logged out of the Teams app a bit more frequently - we’ve finalised this and have taken you back to being permanently logged in.

This means you will no longer be logged out of the Teams app and will no longer need to log in again when you open the app.

We've separated reactive and PPM tickets: Reactive and PPM tickets are no longer grouped. Now, you can choose to view reactive or PPM tickets straight from the left-side menu.

We decided to separate reactive and PPM tickets for quicker access to the tickets and tasks you want to see. In PPM, you will see all of your overarching PPM tasks as we have updated the software so that tasks are now grouped by instances. See below for more details...

Maintenance management app

PPM tasks are now grouped by instances: We've made PPM even more powerful. Now you'll see all of your overarching PPM tasks first with each occurrence sitting nicely inside each ticket.

Each PPM task will show each occurrence which you can filter by ticket progress and ticket status. You will see any upcoming tasks and any overdue tasks.

Maintenance app

New business insights tiles: We wanted to make reporting even easier by adding new insights tiles for a quick overview of overdue jobs and ticket categories. Hover over your filters for a breakdown of tickets or use the handy filters below to view what is essential to you.

You will also find a new dashboard tile for all your upcoming reactive tickets to support you and your teams day-to-day. The new business insights tiles are interactive and are designed to show a quick overview of jobs, categories and tickets. You can filter tiles by ticket priority, reactive or PPM and go in more depth by hovering over sections.

Maintenance software

Ability to duplicate PPM tasks: Now you can easily duplicate any of your PPM tasks with a quick click of a button.

Assign team members through search: So you can navigate the app more easily, we've added collapsable ticket updates. This will allow you to personalise what's most important to you. When creating a new ticket and selecting a ticket assignee, all you need to do is start typing in the assignee name and select. Otherwise, you can select by scrolling as usual.

PPM software

Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

  • Ability to create a task from the asset page
  • Ability to duplicate PPM tasks
  • Improved ticket buttons in Buildings/Locations view
  • Enable tickets to be opened in a new tab
  • Improve UI of count dashboard tiles
  • Dashboard overdue colour to red
  • Update address in the help text section

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