Maintenance Checklist

Fire safety equipment maintenance checklist

An example fire safety checklist you can use for your own checks.
Fire safety equipment maintenance checklist

Maintenance Checklist for Fire Safety

This checklist is designed to assist maintenance personnel in conducting regular inspections and maintenance tasks to ensure fire safety compliance. By completing this example checklist, potential fire hazards can be identified and appropriate measures can be taken to prevent fires and protect the safety of residents and staff

  1. Check for fire escape obstructions.
  2. Check outdoors is clear of debris.
  3. Check fire exits are well lit.
  4. Test fire alarm system.
  5. Check carbon monoxide levels.
  6. Check fire emergency procedures.
  7. Check for potential fire hazards from equipment.
  8. Check fire ignition points for potential hazards.
  9. Inspect lighting for overheating.
  10. Inspect electrical equipment for overheating.
  11. Clear obstructions to prevent overheating from heaters, microwave ovens, lights.
  12. Inspect smoking areas.
  13. Check portable heating devices for overheating or obstruction.
  14. Check fire extinguishers are accessible.
  15. Examine physical state of fire extinguishers.
  16. Check fire extinguisher pressure gauge.

Regularly completing this checklist can help to identify potential fire hazards and ensure that the necessary measures are in place to prevent fires, protect residents and staff, and comply with fire safety regulations.

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An example fire safety checklist you can use for your own checks.
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