What is a facilities ticketing system?

A facilities ticketing system is a software application designed to streamline and manage the process of handling maintenance and service requests.
What is a facilities ticketing system?
Written by
Darren Stewart
Published on
November 23, 2023

What is a facilities ticketing system?

A facilities ticketing system, also known as a work order or service request system, is a software application designed to streamline and manage the process of handling maintenance and service requests within a facility or organization. 

This system acts as a centralized platform for users to submit requests for maintenance, repairs, or other services related to the physical infrastructure of a facility. It is commonly used in facilities management to improve communication, organization, and efficiency in handling tasks related to building maintenance.

Here are key features of a facilities ticketing system:

1. Request Submission

Users can submit maintenance requests or service tickets through the system. This can include issues such as broken equipment, malfunctioning systems, or the need for general repairs.

2. Ticket Assignment

The system assigns incoming tickets to appropriate personnel or departments responsible for handling specific types of requests. This ensures that tasks are directed to the right individuals or teams.

3. Prioritization

Tickets can be categorized based on urgency and importance. This helps in prioritizing tasks, ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly while less urgent matters are handled in due course.

4. Communication and Updates

Users and maintenance teams can communicate through the system, providing updates on the status of a request. This real-time communication ensures transparency and keeps stakeholders informed about progress.

5. Asset Tracking

The system may include features for tracking and managing physical assets within a facility. This can involve recording maintenance history, scheduling preventive maintenance, and tracking the lifecycle of equipment.

6. Reporting and Analytics

Facilities managers can generate reports and analyze data related to maintenance activities. This includes metrics such as response times, resolution times, and overall performance of maintenance teams.

7. Automation and Workflow

Automation features can streamline the workflow by automatically assigning tasks, sending notifications, and triggering predefined processes based on the type of request and its status.

8. Integration with Other Systems

Integration with other software systems, such as asset management systems or building automation systems, can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of facilities management.

9. Mobile Accessibility

Many modern facilities ticketing systems offer mobile applications, allowing users to submit requests or check the status of existing tickets using mobile devices. This enhances accessibility and responsiveness.

By implementing a facilities ticketing system, organizations can improve the efficiency of their maintenance operations, reduce response times, and enhance communication between facility users and maintenance teams. This contributes to better overall facilities management, ensuring that buildings and infrastructure are well-maintained and meet the needs of their occupants.

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