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FM providers are currently stuck with expensive, bloated and slow software. No more! FaultFixers' apps are breathing fresh air into the industry.

  • Mobile first

    FaultFixers allows your workforce to untether from desks and work fully on-the-go.

    Managers no longer need to spend time calling and emailing — job assignment and progress updates are all through the app.
  • Cost efficient

    Unlike traditional CAFMs which are sold as a one-size-fits-all package, FaultFixers works with you to customize the product exactly to your needs. There are no £1,000,000 yearly contracts to sign with us.
  • User friendly

    We designed and built FaultFixers with a user-first approach. We interviewed to hundreds of people across industries to learn about their problems, and used their feedback to make the perfect solution.
  • Connected to your sensors

    If you have IoT sensors monitoring levels like dust in the air or the temperature of a fridge, warnings from the sensors can automatically notify you via FaultFixers.

The FaultFixers dashboard and app

FM Case Studies

Interserve Medlow

FaultFixers is for you

  • Our reporter app allows anyone in your clients' buildings to report problems, at any time, in any place. If you currently run a call centre or helpdesk, the FaultFixers reporter app can replace these, allowing you to redeploy money elsewhere.
  • Our teams app is for your facilities team. Features include viewing active jobs, sending progress updates internally or to the reporter, assigning jobs to individual operatives with due dates, and all the other things you need when you are on-the-go! No more massive email chains that get lost in your inbox!
  • Our analytics platform gives you insights into how you and your team have performed over time. You can use this platform to aid decisions like whether to hire more staff for specific tasks (like plumbing), and show clients how well you are performing.

Managing a building in the FaultFixers teams app

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