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From hospitals to hotels to shopping centres, FaultFixers is the leading tool for any commercial space. We help you improve the customer journey and streamline your repairs management operations.

  • Healthcare

    Improve patient satisfaction and prevent building issues. Let nurses and doctors focus on patient care, and not waste time reporting issues about crumbling estates.
  • Schools

    A solution for your maintenance staff to keep classrooms productive and maximise the availability of your equipment. Providing a safe and high quality learning environment.
  • Public buildings

    Complete your customer journey, put finding and reporting faults into the hands of everyone that your estate serves. Allow any staff member or the public to contribute to the safety and upkeep of our public spaces.
  • Hotels/apartments

    Guarantee repeat bookings and prioritise an amazing guest experience. Use the FaultFixers solution to keep on top of room quality and housing keeping issues so your guests always have enjoyable, problem-free stays.
  • Retail

    Expand the safety and security of retail environments - enable security personnel and retail staff to report issues on the go that impact footflow and detract from a positive shopping experience.
  • Conferencing

    The quality and safety of your venue is paramount, make routine checks easy with our technology. Allow customers to inform you of real-time issues, quickly fix repairs, and deliver a customer experience that brings them back.

The FaultFixers dashboard and app

Commercial Case Studies

Butterfly Patch Nurseries

FaultFixers is for everyone

  • Streamlined operations

    Catch a repair early and fix it quicker. Know exactly where the fault is, assess its severity and communicate progress updates automatically.
  • Saves costs

    FaultFixers is the quickest repairs reporting solution. Your help desk agents can handle multiple issues at once, avoiding lengthy chats and calls - optimise your headcount.
  • Better service

    Intervene before a fault affects your customer experience. Listen to your customers, resolve their issues, build stronger relationships.

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