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Dedicated healthcare maintenance software to support your teams wherever, whenever.

One easy to use platform to manage all your maintenance, facilities, and estates

With FaultFixers you’ll be able to make sure everything’s running smoothly and safely. Keeping track of your facilities, equipment, and technology all in one place.

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Care Home Maintenance
Healthcare Maintenance Software
Healthcare Maintenance Software
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Many Benefits, All In One Place

Peace of mind

Not a qualified facilities manager? We make it easy for Business Managers, Caretakers, Heads & Administrators

Everything in one place

Delete your complex spreadsheets and bin your messy paper filing systems – everything is logged neatly in FaultFixers

Saves you time & money

Reduce downtime and see which assets cause you problems to prevent future issues – surely that boiler need a service

Makes inspections easy

Easily run reports for inspectors and show them a track record of responding appropriately and in a timely manner

Easy to use

We don’t have user guides on purpose – an easy solution for all staff regardless of whether they’re tech-savvy, or not

Accessible anywhere

Allow staff to report issues as soon as they see them so they don’t slip through the net. Respond to them on-the-go

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We can work seamlessly with your Care Management System (CMS).

We understand your staff are likely already using a mobile CMS, so adding more complex processes to their busy day is not something we do!

With our intuitive, easy to use app your Care Workers can report issues directly to the maintenance team  and your maintenance team can keep on top of all of their tasks across your estate.

Better facilities to improve patient outcomes.

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Features To Make Your Life Easier


Mobile Fault Reporting

Any Care Worker can easily log issues in 30 seconds, capturing photo and video evidence

Maintenance Dashboard

A clear and concise overview of all your maintenance and facilities, across all your sites

Task Assignment

Assign tasks to the relevant team member(s) or team, e.g. contractor, Maintenance, Care Manager etc.

Stock Requests

Allow staff to request additional day to day items such as patient toiletries, e.g. soap is running low 

Scheduled Maintenance

Track all your key assets and schedule preventative maintenance, helping to reduce downtime.

Digital Forms

Never lose a record again. Keep track of fire alarm logs, H&S logs etc. digitally within the platform


Be innovative – give access to residents & family members. 

Stand out from other Care Providers and be digitally innovative.

You can give residents and family members the ability to report issues in their rooms straight to the Maintenance Team or Centre Management, and have them receive automated updates when issues are resolved. 

“Patients love it as it’s so easy” – Rosemary Park Care Home

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Instantly run the exact reports to help with your CQC and H&S inspections.


Our Success Stories

“We’ve been using FaultFixers for over a year now and it’s done wonders for our operations.
There are approx 150 Nursing Staff who can now report issues to me and my team with ease and before they become more serious issues. 
As the Head of Maintenance, I can assign the jobs to my respective team member and even send communications back and forth with the Hospital Director for their Oversight.”
James Stocker
Head of Maintenance






“With 20 sites, it’s helped us to operate more dynamically, and now if we need multiple facilities staff at one site on any given day, FaultFixers helps us to manage and organise this in a central way. 
It means we can respond to patients quicker and save costs on inefficiently running our sites.
The digital forms and document management is also a mega benefit that we didn’t know we needed – we can now easily search for any facilities documentation and certificates.
Steve Brine
Group Estates Manager







“We had a CQC inspection back in November 2018, and FaultFixers was directly beneficial to responding to the Inspection Team.

It has led to us improving our performance rating in the ‘Well Led’ inspection area from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ which we’re of course immensely proud of. 

As an affordable solution to help the core day to day operations of running our Centre, I couldn’t recommend FaultFixers enough!”

Lloyd Ellis
Business Director

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