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Read our frequently asked questions


What is FaultFixers?

FaultFixers is maintenance management software that can be used by all teams in any industry. If you manage facilities or properties, it's likely you'll need a maintenance management system - FaultFixers makes it digital. You can use FaultFixers on desktop, or take it with you on-the-go with our tablet and mobile apps.

How do I sign up to FaultFixers?

We'll do all the leg work for you! Sign up on our Pricing page and we'll drop you an email with next steps.

Can I get FaultFixers on mobile?

Yes! FaultFixers is available on Desktop, iPhone and Android. You can download the FaultFixers app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

What is a reporter user?

A Reporter User is anyone in your wider workforce (or external) that can report an issue, raise a job, or submit a work order directly to you.

Reporter Users have limited permissions, so they can’t access your back office, Dashboard or Teams App – they only have access to the Reporter App or Reporter Web Portal, and only if you give them access.

You’re in control – but give access to your wider workforce to improve service.

Examples include:

  • Teaching Staff (Schools)
  • Care Workers (Health Care)
  • Leaseholders (Developers)

What is a team user?

A Team User is someone in your immediate Team who will manage the administrative side of FaultFixers, including accessing, managing, reviewing, responding and resolving any or all of your maintenance tasks.

They can access the FaultFixers Dashboard and the Teams App.

You can set the permission levels for each Team Users individually, by Group, or by Building. 

FaultFixers has over 30 permission settings, so if you want to give ‘view-only’ to one Team User and ‘update status’ permissions to another, you can do so with ease.

You can also provide 3rd party access to Contractors and Trade.

Examples include:

  • Schools Business Manager & Care Taker (Education)
  • Facility Manager (any industry)
  • After Care/Sales (Developers)
  • Accommodation Manager (Uni)
  • Security Contractor (3rd Party)
  • Head of Maintenance (any industry)

What are Locations/ Buildings?

Your FaultFixers account can be configured to suit you business.

Maintenance Tasks (reactive & planned), Jobs, Issues, Forms etc, can be created and logged against:

  • An Account
  • A Building
  • A Location
  • An Asset (requires asset feature)

You can then benefit through granular reporting into each layer, so if you would like to know which Asset has cost the most in maintenance during the year, it’s quick to do so.

The greater the granularity of your FaultFixers setup, the more benefits you’ll get and the more helpful insightful your data will be.

Examples include:

  • Link a boiler certificate to the Asset, within a Location, within a Building, within your Account.


Do you charge VAT?

Yes, for all EU-based customers, prices quoted are excluding VAT at the prevailing rate. Non-EU-based customers are not subject to VAT.

Do you offer concessions?

Yes – we offer reduced rates to Charities, non-profits, registered Social Enterprises, and Emergency Service businesses. Please contact us directly for more information. 

How does pricing work?

FaultFixers uses a price per user model. The FaultFixers software is free to use and we only charge a fee per user. See our pricing options here

Is there a user minimum?

Yes, we will need at least one user for you to be able to use the FaultFixers software. For our Professional package, there is a minimum of three users. See our pricing options here

Is there a user cap?

No, we can add as many users as you need. Get in touch with us if you are a large team looking for 25+ users. 

Training & Onboarding

Do you offer training?

Yes, in fact it's part of our onboarding process 💪 We want to make sure you're prepped for success.

Do you have user guides?

Yes, absolutely! We have a range of helpful content that may be useful for your maintenance management journey. You can find all our guides here.

Do you have video tutorials?

Yes! You can find all of our video tutorials and guides here. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us on hello@faultfixers.com and we'll sort one out for you.

Do I get an Onboarding Manager?

Yes! When you sign up to FaultFixers, you will be assigned an Onboarding Manager. Your onboarding manager will guide you through the FaultFixers setup process and help get you set up using the software for the first few weeks. You can always get in touch with them if you have any questions or need support. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us on hello@faultfixers.com

Your Account

I need help!

We'd love to help. Get in touch with your onboarding manager or our team on hello@faultfixers.com with your name and problem. We aim to respond to all support queries within 48 hours. 

I need to add more users!

No problem! We'd love to get you set up with more users. Simply email your onboarding manager with your name and details of your new user(s) and we'll get them set up in no time.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. You will need to get in touch with either your onboarding manager or our team on hello@faultfixers.com to arrange a cancellation schedule. 

Is there a referral scheme?

Yes! We certainly love it when you refer FaultFixers to others and want to say thanks. We will provide more details on our referral programme soon. 

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