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Starting my first job, during a pandemic: Harrison's story

What is your name and job title? Harrison Cain, Sales Development Representative.  Tell me a little bit about yourself ...

What is your name and job title?

Harrison Cain, Sales Development Representative. graduating during a Pandemic

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I studied for a bachelor's degree in Media and International development studies at the University of East Anglia. During my third year, I completed an Erasmus study placement at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam studying modules in marketing, philosophy and psychology.

Tell me a bit about what it felt like graduating during a Pandemic 

I remember standing on the university campus back in March 2020, taking it all in one more time before accepting that my university journey was coming to an abrupt end. 

From March to June, I completed my dissertation and remaining modules from home. Adjusting to the sudden change in scenery and lifestyle, I kept to a routine that helped to keep on top of both my physical and mental wellbeing.

In July, I managed to secure a remote internship with a Denmark based business accelerator. As part of this experience, I spent one month in the beautiful city of Copenhagen which involved a lot of cycling and outdoor swimming!

In October, I began to apply for full-time roles. After countless applications, discussions with recruiters and revisions to my CV, I finally found the dream role at the one and only FaultFixers! 😜

How did you find the interview process with FaultFixers?

It probably sounds a little weird but I really enjoyed the interview process with FaultFixers. From the initial phone call with Jack, I was really excited to learn more about the role. What was meant to be a 15-minute introduction call turned into about a 50-minute call where me and Jack discussed our mutual love for self-development. 

During my job search, I spoke to a lot of different companies but this was the first interview process where it felt natural, relaxed and I knew that I would really enjoy working with the team.

What were you expecting when you got the job at FaultFixers?

I knew from the interview process and conversations with Jack that the first weeks would involve pretty intense training, which I can confirm they did. 

But I took the role with Faultfixers because I knew it would be challenging and I wanted to learn new things. Most of all, it was clear that Faultfixers was a place where I could grow and develop, even in my first few weeks I was continually asked about my goals/aspirations in order to adjust the training to match those.

Tell me a bit about what your first few weeks looked like at FaultFixers?

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!🤯

My start to FF was heavy on training, especially the first few days which involved zoom coaching sessions from 9 to 5. Having 1-2-1 sessions every day also allowed me to ask any questions I had about anything and really get to learn about our software in great depth.

graduating during a Pandemic

What is it like getting to know your team through Zoom calls?

Yes, it's a strange time. Myself and Hebroyn were both expecting to finish university and start working in an office rather than over a computer screen. As a sales team, we talk every day over zoom and with the wider team, virtual quizzes, Friday beers and group idea sessions have allowed us to build a great team environment.

Are you enjoying working from home and enjoying the FaultFixers culture?

I love the start-up culture!  

Whilst I work in Sales, being such a small team means that myself and Hebroyn are included/informed about many different aspects of the company such as marketing, recruitment decisions and product development, which is something that you can't enjoy at larger organisations.

What do the next few years look like?

That’s a big question! 

I am mostly looking forward to learning from my senior colleagues and absorbing all of their precious wisdom. Jokes aside, I want to expand my connections within the UK’s start-up ecosystem and build a foundation for a career in venture capital.

What advice would you give to someone looking for their first job during Covid? 

Stay strong soldier!

It’s easy to be self-critical when you’ve sent off hundreds of CV’s and had no luck. But use this time to focus on developing skills that will enhance your CV and overall well-being. Online courses on Linkedin, Google and bright networks can help to stay proactive and enhance your skill-set during your job search.

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