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Maintenance Software, FaultFixers announces upcoming feature releases

Our dev team has been working tirelessly to enhance FaultFixers' entire web platform and mobile apps, whilst developing ...

Our dev team has been working tirelessly to enhance FaultFixers' entire web platform and mobile apps, whilst developing several new features that have eagerly been requested by many of our customers - we're excited to provide some further detail below:

  • Reactive vs. PPM Tasks
  • Creating Recurring PPM Tasks
  • Calendar Management (Company-Wide Calendar)
  • Improved Oversight and Filtering
  • Notification Centre
  • Ticket/Task Duplication


🛠️ Reactive vs. PPM Tasks ⚙️

You can now split out Reactive tickets from PPM tasks, helping you easily manage between ad hoc jobs and recurring tasks (e.g. compliance checks).

PPM Software

Dashboard analytics have also been split between Reactive Tickets and PPM Tasks so you can quickly see overall performance of New, In Progress, Closed tickets - also newly available, Overdue and Upcoming tickets.

Maintenance Management Software



⚙️ Creating Recurring PPM Tasks 

PPMIt's now possible to create recurring tasks - in FaultFixers we call them PPMs (planned preventative maintenance).

They work in the same way as your existing tickets, but you are now able to pre-set a recurring frequency (weekly, monthly etc.) and FaultFixers will automatically create your future tasks at the desired intervals until you tell it to stop. You'll never miss a compliance deadline again!



📅 Calendar Management 

Representing a complete overhaul to both design and functionality, the brand new Calendar now allows you to:
  • manage jobs and tasks by calendar (day, week, month views)
  • schedule due dates directly from the calendar
  • visually review performance with simple red, amber, green, colour coding 
  • view your entire portfolio of tasks, split by:
    • Building
    • Assignee
    • Category type
    • Reactive/PPM
    • Status (New, In Progress, Closed)
    • Overdue
    • Upcoming (next 14 days)

Calendar-based job management will also now be available from the Teams App, allowing you to manage all your jobs and team members from one simple-to-use mobile calendar. 

Maintenance Management Software



📊 Improved Oversight and Filtering 🔎

You now have access to a filtering ribbon across all areas of the platform, allowing them to quickly interrogate their data, perform analyses, and quickly see performance across customers, buildings, locations, categories, assignee etc., you name it!

Maintenance Management Software

Also new for this release is filtering by Overdue and Upcoming.

Maintenance Management Software



🔔 Notification Centre

Maintenance Management SoftwareIntroducing the new Notification Centre.

Available in the Teams App and on Web, all your notifications and alerts are now all conveniently stored in your Notification Centre so you'll never miss any of the action.

Simply click the '🔔' icon and you're notifications will appear chronologically -->

New notifications include:

  • Overdue PPM Tasks
  • Overdue Reactive Tickets
  • Upcoming PPM Tasks (next 14 days)
  • Upcoming Reactive Tickets (next 14 days)



🔄 Ticket/Task Duplication

Maintenance Management SoftwareWant to create multiple tickets or tasks that are similar, but without the hassle of creating each ticket from scratch? 

You can now click the simple duplicate button available in the ticket/task details page (web only) - 2 simple clicks and many hours of admin saved!



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Want to find out more about these updates?

Existing customers: get in touch with your account manager - we'd be pleased to run you through the changes and benefits

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