Top 4 reasons to start using school maintenance software

Education, especially in the last year or so, has more become comfortable with IT; school maintenance software is a ...

Education, especially in the last year or so, has more become comfortable with IT; school maintenance software is a natural addition to that collection. It means a school can run much more efficiently and teachers and facilities managers can focus on what they both do best. With that in mind, I thought I'd run through some of the key reasons one might want to adopt school maintenance software.

1. Better communication between facilities managers and teachers

Everyone's busy - teachers don't want to spend unnecessary time describing the minutiae of a problem in their classroom and facilities managers don't want to have to wade through a load of teachers' waffle that doesn't provide the key details that they need. School maintenance software allows teachers to file tickets remotely, with predetermined categories and the ability to attach pictures and videos to the ticket.

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2. Less bureaucracy

Those in education spend enough time filling in forms and sending bureaucratic emails. Why add more? A school maintenance software allows reporters to file one report with all the key information attached. This then gets picked up by the facilities team and they log their progress in solving the problem. This all gets automatically relayed back to the teacher so they’re kept in the loop. A vast amount of emails, paper, and office visits can be reduced to one entry, all through a phone app.

3. Time-saving

School maintenance software frees up quite a bit of time, as you no longer have to spend time filing reports or deciphering messy emails. This also includes time spent traipsing around the school attempting to find the relevant member of staff. It's all contained within one app which means you can control when it's active. If hours differ between different staff, you'll no longer receive random emails or out of hours phone calls, but instead have any progress waiting for you in the FaultFixers app.

4. Faults fixed faster

Because of all the above benefits, faults get sorted out more quickly once you institute school maintenance software. Teachers can report the problem earlier and easier. Facilities managers have more time and are therefore more able to focus on actually fixing problems. This means that everyone's life is easier and the school's ultimate purpose of educating children is prioritised.

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Hopefully, this gave you a decent rundown of how your own team might benefit from school maintenance software. If it sounded interesting, or you've got any more questions, then book a call with one of our team. 

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Ready to take the leap? Before you do, here are some questions you might want to ask your next maintenance software provider...

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