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Property maintenance software: how charities are mitigating risk

With charities beginning to reopen their doors alongside the easing of restrictions, it is even more crucial to prepare ...

With charities beginning to reopen their doors alongside the easing of restrictions, it is even more crucial to prepare property maintenance management teams to ensure the safety of visitors and staff whilst also social distancing. Many charities are now opting for more innovative and automated ways to manage their maintenance teams and harness digital solutions' benefits. 

Software has played a large role in many of our lives throughout the pandemic and technology has made it possible for us to return to some sense of normality. Obvious key questions are surrounding the safety of staff returning to offices and the management of teams working on-site.

Maintenance software is designed to help businesses manage their facilities, teams, and their assets, all through a mobile app or on desktop, ensuring social distancing as well as productivity. Here are five ways software is improving property maintenance among forward-thinking charities.

Maintenance Software for Charities

Improves communication between teams 👨‍👩‍👦
Property maintenance software is designed to support teams to communicate more efficiently through push notifications and automated tasks. Communication between teams becomes seamless and consistent with regular updates being automated. Charities with disparate estates and facilities can efficiently manage multiple sites, teams, and obligations on the go with modern tech solutions.

No risk of information loss ❌
Switching from paper to dedicated property management maintenance software means charities no longer risk losing important documents and information. Fire safety assessments and certifications can all be stored, safely in one place.

Automation of requests ⚙️
Charities, like Focused Living, are automating their maintenance requests on a 24-hour basis. With the technology in place, charities can quickly respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of staff and visitors across their properties and estates. You can read the Focused Living case study here.

“I run the day-to-day repairs, so what I tend to do is come in first thing, open up FaultFixers and have a look at all the jobs raised overnight. It’s helped out so much. “With this system, we can keep a ticket open until a job is completed. You can’t keep an email open.” - Melina Panayi, Property Officer at Focused Living

Property Maintenance Software

Saves money 💰
With the right software in place, teams can keep a record of all properties, which increases the longevity of assets, saving charities money on replacements and updates. Not to mention the simple reductions in paper costs and fuel mileage across teams and multiple properties. Take a look at our property management software pricing here.

Saves valuable time 🕐
Property maintenance software enables teams to communicate quickly automate internal processes. Time spent managing teams and navigating emails and phone calls can be significantly reduced or removed entirely, leaving charities with more time to focus on what matters most.

Bonus: Teams feel safer with social distancing ❤️
With the world as it is today, businesses and charities are likely beginning to provide their staff with the flexibility to work from home where possible. However, many teams are opting to return to the office where social distancing and health and safety procedures have been implemented. With maintenance software, facilities teams can support others by continuing to work safely and at a distance.

Focused Living, a non-profit organization helping house the homeless, have been using FaultFixers as their property maintenance software and have reduced admin time significantly across their property portfolio. You can find out more about how Focused Living has increased productivity with FaultFixers in the case study here.

Property Maintenance Software for Charities



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